Morning Q&As

  • Men Of Valor: Vietnam
    HomeLan Fed's Men Of Valor: Vietnam Q&A chats in detail with John Whitmore of 2015 about their upcoming Vietnam War game. Topics include the reception Medal of Honor: Allied Assault received, the impact of some departures, the goals for this project, historical research, weapons, multiplayer support, and more.
  • Unreal II
    BeyondUnreal's Unreal II: The Awakening Post Release Q&A chats with Legend's Glen Dahlgren about Unreal II, discussing the reception the game has met with, the reasons some aspects of the game turned out as they did, patch plans, and more.
  • Splinter Cell's Splinter Cell Q&A chats with Ubi Soft Montreal's Mathieu Ferland about Splinter Cell, discussing differences and similarities between the PC and Xbox versions, inspirations, balance, stealth, the Unreal engine, and more.
  • Gaming U.'s Gaming University; Volume V offers answers from ION Storm's Warren Spector to reader-submitted questions about breaking into the game business.
  • Eve Online
    EVE: The Second Genesis Q&A chats with CCP's Reynir Hardarson about what will set EVE apart from other MMOGs, making the game fun for newbies, skill progression while logged off, ships, and more.
  • Online Worlds Roundtable
    RPG Vault Online Worlds Roundtable #2, Part 3 continues this ongoing series on PvP combat with the developers of several MMOGs.
  • Remedy
    The Markus Mäki Q&A on Beyond3D talks about his role at Remedy Entertainment and his history at Futuremark, Max Payne, benchmarks, Max Payne 2, and more.
  • Tropico 2
    HomeLan Fed's Tropico 2 Pirate Cove Q&A chats with Bill Spieth about Frog City's upcoming pirate-themed sequel to the island management RTS gameplay of Tropico. They discuss the idea behind the project, the input of PopTop, the game's theme, the storyline, managing your pirates, UGEs, and more.
  • Scrapland
    The Scrapland Q&A on chats with an unnamed member of Mercury Steam Entertainment about the formation of their company by former members of rebel Act Studios and plans for Scrapland, discussing the aerial combat game's controls, AI, humor elements, and more.
  • Raven
    Derek Jon Smith's Raven Profile introduces us to Raven's newly-hired 2D artist in the latest in their series of developer's profiles.
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Re: glen dahlgren
Feb 27, 2003, 23:12
Re: glen dahlgren Feb 27, 2003, 23:12
Feb 27, 2003, 23:12
U2 scored an average of 77% percent in Gamerankings:

I'd say that's about right. There are few articles that evoke an apparent fanboyism or bribery, hinting that we have in fact learned from the Black & White fiasco.

Those with a personal vendetta against this game will want to point out the low quality ratings given to the few glowing reviews of course.
"Nothing livens up a robotic hymn of doom more than an amazing pair of jugs." - Brak
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Feb 27, 2003Feb 27 2003
Feb 27, 2003Feb 27 2003
Feb 27, 2003Feb 27 2003
Feb 27, 2003Feb 27 2003
   Re: glen dahlgren
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