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Why No Unreal II Demo

A forum post reproduced on Unreality from Infogrames' Unreal Brand Manager, explains the reason there will be no official demo for Unreal II, for which no programming or QA assets have been allocated. The post does, however, go on to offer vague assurances that a video is in the works to give a sampling of gameplay, which will probably not be released until sometime after the game's launch: "...we plan to put something out that as you say - will allow people to see what the game looks and plays like without any editing or ĎtricksĎ. Raw gameplay."

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148. Re: Unreal Waste of Time Feb 3, 2003, 21:44 pancreas
Denali is a National Park in Alaska.


"Life is not about the second chances. It's about the little mouse, and his voyage to an exciting new land. That, my friend, is what life is." - Dad
"Nothing livens up a robotic hymn of doom more than an amazing pair of jugs." - Brak
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147. Re: Unreal Waste of Time Feb 3, 2003, 14:35 c r i s p y
That mission pack is called "Return to Na Pali"! Not Denali or something. Have you really played those two games?

Oops, my bad. A look at the CD-case confirms that you are indeed, correct.

You act like it's tough or "mysterious" that you were able to go download the game off the net. Newbie?

Tough? Yeah, that's it. I'm tough! Grrr. (LOL!)
I actually didn't realize that the game wasn't on the shelves yet. Whoops.
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146. Re: Unreal Waste of Time Feb 3, 2003, 12:30 vacs
As someone who had played (and enjoyed) both the original Unreal and the 'Return to Denali' mission pack

That mission pack is called "Return to Na Pali"! Not Denali or something. Have you really played those two games?

Anyway, I share your opinion that Unreal 2 can't keep up to both Unreal and the mission pack. Over 3 years in the making but it's not able to offer more than SoF2 or RtCW.

This comment was edited on Feb 3, 12:39.
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145. Re: Unreal Waste of Time Feb 3, 2003, 12:25 MindTrigger

You act like it's tough or "mysterious" that you were able to go download the game off the net. Newbie?

He cut the possum's face off then cut around the eye socket. In the center of the belt buckle, where the possum's eye would be, he has placed a small piece of wood from his old '52 Ford's home made railroad tie bumper. Damn, he misses that truck.
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144. Re: Scourge Of Armagon? Feb 3, 2003, 10:29 Chizra
I too was very disappointed in the game.

Great graphics
Good story

Abysmal play time. Im almost done, and only 8 hours of game time played.

The levels are so short as to seem almost a joke. The bad guys are few and far between. I hate to say it but this game doesnt hold a wet match to Unreal 1

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143. Re: Scourge Of Armagon? Feb 3, 2003, 09:41 McTurbo
feel free to ask any questions about the game if feel so strongly that we havnt played it. ill be more than happy to post a response. i stand by my convictions about this game because ive played through the entire thing in about 7 hours for a game thats been worked on for damn near 4 years 7 hours of game play is pathetic!

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142. Scourge Of Armagon? Feb 3, 2003, 06:33 Von Helmet
That was amazing! One of the best expansions I've ever played. The other one was dire, but SoA was brilliant.

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141. Unreal Waste of Time Feb 2, 2003, 23:51 c r i s p y
Well, as someone who has played the actual game (as opposed to the majority of people on here who like to shoot thier mouths off without having any real experience) I can tell you that the reason that there will be no demo is because the game is total crap.

As someone who had played (and enjoyed) both the original Unreal and the 'Return to Denali' mission pack I can tell you that this game is a major let-down with respect to BOTH of those titles.

The graphics engine is impressive, but the game itself adds NOTHING to the FPS genre. The whole thing feels like a tired and poorly conceived mission pack. (Scourge of Armagon, anyone?)

I am sorely disappointed with this game.

This comment was edited on Feb 2, 23:56.
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140. Re: Unreal Weapons Feb 2, 2003, 14:38 Mad Max RW
rock climber, I feel exactly the same way. For the past couple years I've been mostly playing old games like the original Doom, Carmageddon, Fallout, and anything that was made before 1997. I have a top of the line PC and there aren't any games today worth getting for it.

I started seriously gaming way back before Commander Keen and have pretty much seen it all. Originality is dead. The gaming industry merged with Hollywood or something. They make stuff look amazing but it doesn't go any further than that. Commercials and previews advertise a totally different game from what you're getting.

This is why I've been following independent developers for a while. The big names are gonna keep making the same crap over and over because they know the majority of gamers are dumbass kids who think Half Life launched the FPS genre. Most of them probably weren't even born when Quake came out. That isn't necessarily their fault, but there's no excuse for not understanding your history.

Doom 3 will do well based on the technology alone. Every id game is the same way. Quake 3 is boring as hell, but the engine is amazing. They set the standard for game engines, not stories or even gameplay. Everything they've done is the same as Doom's deathmatch.

Avatar 15920
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139. Re: Unreal Weapons Feb 2, 2003, 13:41 McTurbo
Thats IF and a might big IF stalker doesnt go the same route. i made a huge post on thier boards. dont go to all this trouble and make the game ultra realistic looking then give us guns that are completly unrealistic. it doesnt take half a clip to kill a guy standing still. if they go that route then the games dead before its out.

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138. Re: Unreal Weapons Feb 2, 2003, 13:12 MindTrigger
Mad Max RW:

I was the one who mentioned Stalker, and I agree with you about the fact that people are sick and tired of this whole "Space Marine, Space Marshal, Space Llama" theme that the big game companies can't seem to escape. How many games like this must we endure? For people like me who have been gaming online since Quake came out, this shit is WAY old.

I'm not even playing a game right now because I am so fed up with it. I admit, I enjoy the "realism" tac shooters more these days anyway.....but there isn't anything worth a shit in that genre either. Ubisoft sucks. I hate their stiff ass games with weapons that feel like bb guns. Another company wasting the Unreal engine.

These game companies are going to have to realize that people want smart games. Stalker is the closest thing to that I have seen in development. Pitty we won't see it until the end of the year. Unreal 2 just continues the old cartoony, scripted, linear, space marine crap we have always seen. Sure the engine is prettier (although not nearly as ground breaking as they would like you to think), but that's all it has going for it IMO.

Don't even get me started on how much U2 reminds me of Halo.

Doom 3 will be more of the same. The graphics will be impressive for all of about 1 day...then people will want to PLAY it. I'm betting the gameplay will get crap reviews.

He cut the possum's face off then cut around the eye socket. In the center of the belt buckle, where the possum's eye would be, he has placed a small piece of wood from his old '52 Ford's home made railroad tie bumper. Damn, he misses that truck.
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137. Too bad... Feb 2, 2003, 08:09 Panick
This game could have had a great mp. While you play thru the game you will get missions like "defend this area/guy" for a while. So you get a few turrets and laserbarrier fields that you can set up where ever you want. Sometimes you even get some pals that you assign where they are to defend. You will notice that these guys come in light, medium and very-big-ass-armor(looks damn awsome).

Don't you think this could be pretty neat if you could like choose armor and set up defenses in a mp game? The bigger the armor you choose the bigger the guns you can have etc etc. Yeah it has been done a few times already(tribes, team fortress, Natural Selection, so on and so forth) and I think it could have worked with the pretty big maps that are in U2....oh well...

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136. Forget it Jake, its Chinatown... Feb 2, 2003, 05:41 Gog
Hardy, har har...
Just as I said it was going to be, a SP game with nice graphics and little else much, no replay value whatsoever. If you pay for this turd-o-la, you have more money than you ought to have and should 'lend' some to me;).

If you want a game to be good, it either has to be a SP game with some replay value (ie, not have aimbots, scripts, linear play) or have MP included into it.

VIVA LA MP with SP!!!

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135. Re: Unreal Weapons Feb 2, 2003, 00:49 Creston
Edited / snipped my first rant against the game, as it probably wasn't really fair.

Ok, I'll admit it, I downloaded it. With everybody slamming it so badly, I just had to see if it was as bad as everybody says it is.

The first mission sucks ass, and it sucks it hard. It runs into virtually every goddamn cliche of the first person shooter that's ever been invented in the last five years (enemies spawning in behind you to "up the difficulty", totally linear path to walk along, ambushes in small rooms so you can't move etc.)
Also, I like that a game makes you walk from the intro to your ship. This adds to the immersion factor. However, Legend decided to take a half assed middle path here. They force you to walk to an elevator and take it to the bottom of the installation, at which point you are deemed to be "in your ship", and the next level loads.
If the only reason you are on an elevator is so that the next level can load at the bottom, WHY PUT IN THE FUCKING ELEVATOR IN THE FIRST PLACE?? My ship was still half a level away... This is probably minor for the large majority, but I hate stupid design shit like that, it makes you wonder if someone actually sat down and THOUGHT about things before just starting to draw some polygons...

Furthermore, remember those graphics you saw in those screenshots over the past few years? Forget them, they don't exist. I thought the game looked pretty enough, just not very sharp in it's textures, and that's when I remembered that because I had played NOLF2 previously, my card was still set to 4xFSAA! Once I turned it off, the pretty disappeared, and quite frankly it just doesn't look all that great.

Furthermore, the much hyped and vaunted "physics" model by virtue of their "Karma" engine is a joke. Either it's totally fucked up, or it's not even in there. Before my briefing, Aida was standing in a corner, and I was standing right next to her, blocking her exit from the corner (my intentions were honorable, truly!). So when she wanted to go to her console to start the briefing, I was in the way.
Now, since 1998 I'm used to NPC's in games asking me to move, or to just bump into me endlessly like they're some kind of zombie.
The marvelously realistic physics of the Unreal + Karma engine solve this problem by letting Aida WALK STRAIGHT THROUGH YOU!! Goodbye realism, goodbye immersion, HELLLLOOOOOO -10000% to your review score.

Furthermore, the skaarj and the marine tutorial guy (and presumably the others further on) are aimbots. There is no other way to describe them. Don't bother even trying to dodge the marine guy, he'll hit you anyways, so just stand still and shoot him.
This game isn't about dodging and evasion, it's about health and shield management.

After the first mission I had a very bad taste in my mouth about this game.
However, something made me go back and play a little more. The next mission is rather atmospheric and good fun, with three marines fighting alongside you.
Hmmm, ok, perhaps one more mission then.

I love the next mission. Some people will think it's boring, because the monsters are mindless and nothing but gun fodder, but for me the game doesn't HAVE to be an endless repetition of Aimbot Skaarj. I like the simple slaughter of hordes upon hordes of monsters.
The level design of the 3rd mission also picks up dramatically.

I was going to buy it anyways, even if I had still been disgusted with it after the first mission. Legend worked hard at this game, and even though it's not great, they deserve to be paid for it if I'm going to play it.

After having played on a little, I will say that I'm going to get it, and quite likely keep it. It just gets better after that horrible first mission. Personally, I also think it might be fun to replay a couple of times, but that's just me.

Also, the game seems to run fine on my system with everything turned on at 1024x768x32. It even ran fine when I was still running it with 4xFSAA on (which makes a VERY noticeable difference). I've got an AthlonXP 1800, 512 2700 DDR SDRAM, Geforce 4 Ti4200. Some of the posts that say that the game runs very badly for them even if they have a system a lot faster than mine, either their computer is a bit wonky, or we just have different definitions of "running fine" (for me, 20+ fps is perfectly fine, I don't NEED 60fps, and I definitely won't turn off the eyecandy just to get it to run at that speed).

At first I said the game doesn't deserve more than 75%. After seeing a few more missions, I'd crank it up to about 80-85%. I think the 6-7 hours might be underestimating the length a little, but ofcourse I don't know how far along I am. I played for about 3 hours, and I'm still fighting the spiders in mission 3, so...

I think this is a bit more of a fair assessment of the game.
Going to pick it up when it comes out. However, Legend, you DEFINITELY need to make a demo, and you DEFINITELY need to pick up some copies of Jedi Knight 2, NOLF2 and some decent other first person shooters and LEARN from them.

The kind of crap that's in the first mission is pathetic.


This comment was edited on Feb 2, 05:13.
Avatar 15604
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134. Re: Unreal Weapons Feb 1, 2003, 21:54 Tony!!!
Shame on you Creston, we know what you want to ask. Just buy it already. It comes out in 3 days.

my 360 user name is Robo Pop
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133. Re: Unreal Weapons Feb 1, 2003, 18:43 Mad Max RW
In time people will start getting sick of the "realistic" games and want more fantastic and inventive weapons and storylines. Unreal 2 is more of the same and done rather poorly. They promised the world and delivered a rock. Good graphics? Sure. UT2k3 has good graphics, too. If people think U2 is going to sell well based on the modding community then they are blind.

Someone mentioned STALKER earlier, and I feel exactly the same way. It's currently the only game I'm looking forward to (besides Devastation). Dev looks nice, but it isn't necessarily groundbreaking.

Does anyone else besides me see the pattern here? Major game developers lost their steam. They can no longer turn out great stuff anymore. If you want something really damn good look to the smaller companies. The virtual unknowns who have to prove their worth. Gamers aren't "sophisticated" until they open their eyes a little wider. Look past the loud commercials and bright full page ads. Gems are out there you just have to search for them!

This comment was edited on Feb 1, 18:46.
Avatar 15920
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132. Re: Unreal Weapons Feb 1, 2003, 15:01 McTurbo
the reason most have found this boring is because the gaming public has gone more toward realism. they want guns to feel like guns they want thier opponents to act as real as possible. even halflife would get a bad review if it came out now simply because the age of unrealistic shooters and guns are passing. your most played shooters on line are realism sims (take that in a broad term) the days when you shoot half a clip into 1 critter to kill it is over thats not satisfying anymore.

people want to outsmart, out think and out shoot thier opponets as was said.. we have grown up in our tastes but the games and publishers still dont know what it is we wont.

why are the most played games on the net Tactical Shooters?(even if some are arcadish) because thats what the people want to play. had they released unreal 2 with co-op support and ai that worked togeather instead of just shooting near 100% accurate no matter the distance. this game would probally be one of the biggest sellers ever.

but they didnt do that. even UT2k3 was recieved only lukewarm simply because the days of the fantasy shooters are numbered the weapons are going to have to be powerful and ground shaking in order to keep our attention.. if you have to waste half a clip killing another human opponent then we are out of here.. thats unrealistic and we simply dont care for it anymore.

now there are those that still enjoy playing that type of game and there will always be. but they are falling far behind and fewer and fewer remain. people want a sophisticated shooter with weapons that feel like weapons made by Remington and S&W, not nerf and tyco.

i stick to my firm belief that developers should bring in a target audience that has nothing to do with the industry and have them test thier game out in 3 stages. when its first playable.. when content is in. and then when bugs are fixed. this way they can get an oppinion of thier game from real gamers not someone who wants an exclusive and is willing to give a good review for it.

take Asherons Call 2. 48,000 beta testers and about 35,000 of them were telling the development team what was wrong or why this was no good. the developers NEVER responded, they NEVER listened, and they never replied to any requests. 2 months later im getting an email in my box asking me what they can do to get the beta testers that didnt buy the game to get back in. well first thing you should have listened. now AC2 is on the rocks they have NO WHERE near the amount of people they expected and from what i understand its a complete failure by thier original projections. all because the developers were out of touch with thier fans.

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131. Re: Unreal Weapons Feb 1, 2003, 14:08 Creston
Thanks for the headsup Bronco, as soon as I read it I was like "oh yeah, he went to work on that DS9 thing".

Btw, this part of the interview just shocked me..

"My current role is game play designer. My experience with real time action/adventure games in both first and third person is put to use as we are working towards our next big thing; a massively multiplayer broadband only internet world centered around the mythology set in MYST and RIVEN and anchored in Díni. Itís a large visionary project, and itís the first project Iíve had to date where Iím not doing level editing anymore. "

WHAT?! The best level designer in the world is NOT doing level design anymore??


This comment was edited on Feb 2, 00:50.
Avatar 15604
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130. Re: Unreal Weapons Feb 1, 2003, 13:04 Panick
Somebody asked if the game really had only 7-8 hours gamplay. Well I finnished the game just now and i estimate it took about 6-7 hours. Mind that I play new games with good gfx very slowly. Expecially with U2, I mostly walked around watching all the textures and effects (cause they looks so damn good) Every enemy I killed I took a closer look at. I think I found all the "hidden" spots etc. If you play the game on hard maybe you will get 1 or maybe 2 hours more out of it...

It is great game, but I don't think I will play it again for a while. Maybe when I get that new 3.06 Ghz P4, and when I choose if im gonna buy Gf FX or Radeon, I will replay it just to see how many more FPS im gonna get

Oh, and I said that if UT2k3 ran good on your computer with the highest settings, U2 will too. Well scratch that!
If you play this game with the highest setting it will get pretty choppy at times, while somtimes it runs like hell...

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129. I feel left out... Feb 1, 2003, 12:58 PlayfulPuppy
Am I the ONLY person in the world that didn't get this jaw-dropping sensation when walking out of the ship in Unreal 1?

Everyone talks about 'replicating that feeling', and when I was playing all I thought was 'huh, I'm outside'.

Dang, makes me feel cheated. ^_^

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