Morning Q&As

  • IGI 2: Covert Strike
    There's an IGI 2: Covert Strike Q&A on Gamersclick talking with Henning Rokling about the upcoming stealthy shooter sequel. Topics include how they feel about the project as completion nears, the possibility of more sequels, challenges, setting themselves apart from other shooters, mod support, the game engine, preventing repetitiveness, multiplayer support, and more.
  • Derek Smart
    The Derek Smart Q&A on GameScreenshots talks with the 3000AD founder/programmer about progress on Battlecruiser Generations, the upcoming "definitive" installment in this space simulation series. The conversation offers an overview of the project, the story, how long development has been underway, what needs to be finished before release, improvements over BCM, working with a development team that's spread all over the globe, multiplayer support, points of pride, and more.
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Dec 31, 2002Dec 31 2002
Dec 31, 2002Dec 31 2002
Dec 31, 2002Dec 31 2002
Dec 31, 2002Dec 31 2002