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Out of the Blue

Happy New Years Eve! I hope you all have something planned that suits your own idea of how to celebrate the occasion. If you do hit the roads, however, please remember to be extra careful... I managed to have not one, but two scares behind the wheel yesterday from bad drivers (a guy in oncoming traffic borrowing a portion of my lane and a woman who thought using the turn signal before switching to my lane meant she didn't have to even look to see if a car was already there) within minutes of each other, which seemed to serve as a warning about what happens when some of these drivers (even the good ones) have a few belts in them. And of course, please don't drink and drive yourself... if safety doesn't serve as enough of a motivator, many U.S. states, my native New York included, have recently lowered the legal limits... in these parts it's now illegal to drive with a blood alcohol level of over .08. Oh yeah, and for those of you in the East where the ball (or equivalent) has dropped already, Happy New Year (and remember, please don't tell the rest of us what happens in the future, or our actions may change what is meant to be).

Hey look at that... guess there was indeed one last ramble at the bottom of the 2002 pile!

Play Time: Spamwars (Flash required). Thanks John W. Simms.
Links of the Day: Mothers Against Videogame Addiction and Violence. Thanks Jeff Wilson and Slashdot.
Stop Alien Abductions. Thanks Outlaw Josie Wales.
Stories of the Day: Toy pandas bearing swastikas a cultural mix-up. Thanks Jeff Baker.
Browsers go back to the future. Thanks Mike Martinez.
Wild Science: Researchers revive 15-year-old frozen blood. Thanks Mike Martinez.
Giving robots the gift of sight. Thanks Mike Martinez.
Weird Science: Lab-grown steaks nearing the menu. Thanks [MP] Wolverine [MP].
Auction of the Day: Yamaha LOTR Bike. Thanks Arturo Cisneros, Jr.
Follow-up: UNIQUE Tron Environmental Upright! ONLY 1! The outcome of a previous auction of the day.

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7. Re: My Blue's News wishlist for 2003 Dec 31, 2002, 11:54 JM
I'd also like to add:

1. The ability to block posts from specific individuals (not prevent them from posting, simply allow me to decide whether I want to see them).

2. If not #1, then at least let me block posts from frederickson.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

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6. Re: My Blue's News wishlist for 2003 Dec 31, 2002, 11:36 Bronco
Yup, sure are.

That's not what I meant. If you look at the check box under customize (on the left hand side of the page) for launch links...

If you check that then all of the links in the news items will launch in a new browser window. It would be nice if that extended to links in posts.

Does that make sense?

Avatar 10139
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5. Musical lanes Dec 31, 2002, 11:28 BubbleMage
Yeah, New Year's Eve is definitely amateur night on the streets. I try to stay indoors and away from windows.

If you really want to keep on your toes in traffic, ride a motorcycle. It won't take but about a year and you'll have developed near-psychic abilities when it comes to reading traffic. Most good motorcyclists can tell what cagers are going to do before they even know themselves. Kinda like having the SA of a fighter pilot, but without missiles with which to destroy those less aware of the situation. (I'm working on fitting AIM-9M's to the bike, but it's damnably difficult to find a good place to weld on hardpoints... Perhaps a sidecar with a minigun mount?).

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4. Re: My Blue's News wishlist for 2003 Dec 31, 2002, 11:21  Bagpuss 
Aren't links already automagically made when somebody posts one? Let's see...

Yup, sure are.

- Bagpuss
Get your own free messageboard today (just like this one!)
This comment was edited on Dec 31, 11:21.
- Bagpuss
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3. Re: My Blue's News wishlist for 2003 Dec 31, 2002, 11:15 nin
Hey, ya put my second favorite Blue's logo up (second only to the Xmas one)!

I'd also like to add to Bronco's requests:

1. A way to track threads you contribute to on the board. (Think that's more of a Bagpuss question?)

2. "Hell yeah", on the return of the mailbag.

3. A Blue's News bumper sticker would look MIGHTY sweet on my car...hinthinthint

4. And the flipside to my request #2, Blue, you shouldn't feel bad about taking a day off every now and then. The site will survive, and you're only human. You deserve a day off like everyone else.
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2. My Blue's News wishlist for 2003 Dec 31, 2002, 10:49 Bronco
In no particular order.

1. A return of the mailbag.
2. Additional merchandise to purchase (coffee mug!)
3. Additional message board features:
Ability to launch links provided in message bodies.
A way to search individual users posts.

Of course there's more but I'd gladly take that.

Avatar 10139
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1. No subject Dec 31, 2002, 10:48 Lowen SoDium
MAVAV is just a joke. It's not real

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