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TRIBES 2 Patch

The promised TRIBES 2 relaunch (story) is underway, as a new 88 MB patch to update the game (direct FTP link) is now available (thanks Suds). Details on what's new and different are provided in a post to the Vivendi Universal Games Forums by Sierra's Guy Welch, and word is this will be a required update for existing users, and the new code will be in the jewel-cased retail version as of October 4. The patch includes changes made since the previous beta patch, the Team Rabbit 2 and TRIBES 2 classic game types, a new Torque Game Engine mission editor, along with various bug-fixes. Word on TribalWar.Com is that this will be available via the in-game auto-updater sometime tomorrow. Sierra's FTP server is (as usual) choking under the demand, but mirrors are available from our friends at 3D Gamers.

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60. The people are coming back. Sep 30, 2002, 08:22 NoGodForMe
Played TR2 over the weekend. It's like soccer for an FPS. Alot of chasing, but when you finally score, it's exciting. There is a learning curve involved with all the technical names for the passes, but it gets easy. Hold down your drop flag key and a bar comes up that decides how far you throw the flag. T2 is back in the gamespy chart, it was 7th when I checked at night. The people are coming back, and for $10, how can you go wrong?

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59. Patch works great Sep 29, 2002, 17:44 Leiawen
I was still frequently playing T2 before this patch came out, but now the patch has turned what I consider a great game into something sublime...

Framerates are way up, UEs have been non-existant, and the new gametypes are fast and immense fun. T2 has gone right back to the top of my CD pile. So much for continuing my Neverwinter Nights module creation...


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58. too bad Sep 28, 2002, 08:34 Lowen SoDium
only regret about T2 I had, is that there was never a good Insomniax for it

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57. Re: TR2 Sep 27, 2002, 09:47 Morgan19
I take that back, or at least for the time being. I hopped around online a bit and it looks like there's a fair number of TR2 and Classic servers already up and running. (The trick is to see if they actually stay up.) The oddball modes in T1 like C&H and D&D were always a blast, so a good helping of non-CTF servers is always a good thing.

Again, now if Renegades would get a new-patch-compliant version out I'd be content.


Avatar 11406
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56. Re: Quick question Sep 26, 2002, 23:01 DrEvil
#53 thats really a shame, I never played team rabbit for t1, but I really like it for t2, and it is one of the only game modes that truely requires teamwork, and is very fun.

on the other hand, there may not be a mature enough playing audience to go for a game mode that requires teamwork, as there are too many pubbers and n00bs that have no desire to do anything resembling teamwork.

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55. T2 Patch Sep 26, 2002, 20:52 Operon
Working great on my machine finally, they even fixed the UE when entering the editor in gameplay bug. Tribes goodness has returned. Between TR2 and Classic mod, gonna be busy.

(I even noticed they included original D&D gametype from tribes 1 in with classic mod, thank goodness! Siege was really never my cup of tea.)

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54. Back at home Sep 26, 2002, 18:46 Morgan19
Wooooow... This is a good patch! As soon as I came home from the office I put on a fresh install of T2, patched it up, and played around. The visual speed (FPS) increase really is evident, I enjoy the new maps, and it looks like things are going in the right direction. Can't wait until Ren updates to the new patch as well.


Avatar 11406
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53. Re: Quick question Sep 26, 2002, 15:13 Morgan19
If the trend from the past two years continues then unfortunately no, there won't be much in the way of non-CTF servers. Just as there weren't many D&D or C&H servers for T1 and currently Rabbit or Nexus-type servers, I can see the same thing happening. Just try a non-CTF vote on most any server and it'll probably get a chorus of "V-G-Ns!" in response.

Not to say I don't want to see more non-CTF servers, I do, it just doesn't seem like most people are willing to play them on a good chunk of servers. But who knows, maybe the new patch'll change that after all. Classic sounds awfully appealing...


Avatar 11406
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52. Re: Quick question Sep 26, 2002, 15:02 DrEvil
TR2 has proved a very addictive and fun game mode, be advised though, that it takes some practice getting the feel of tossing the flag around, but once you do, its very fun. A friend and I ran around in all the maps yesterday just the 2 of us practicing flag tosses from countless different angles. I am praying that there will be a surge in TR2 servers to give us more places to play, as the mod was built with smaller player numbers in mind.

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51. Quick question Sep 26, 2002, 14:45 Pete
is there a linux version coming out for sale also? or is it included in the pc version?

Doin' it Big
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50. Also a big fan Sep 26, 2002, 12:11 NoGodForMe
To those asking why they fixed it...
Because it's a great game and now they can make a T3 in the future. The community spoke up, and they listened. I play this game every night. The others are fun, but this one has more things to do, more strategy, more stealth tricks when capping. The game won't die. The word will get around that it's fixed and plays great.

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49. Re: I'm not dead yet... Sep 26, 2002, 11:40 Morgan19
>>...hope it is a load of fun. I just won't be joining you.<<

Sounds good to me!


Avatar 11406
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48. Patch of wonders Sep 26, 2002, 11:29 Alak
Before this patch came out I was crashing like a madman in Tribes 2 and my FPS was putting along at a mere 20-25. I decided to give the game up completely. But when this new patch came out, I thought I'd give it a try. Well my heart nearly stopped when I seen my FPS. High 60's outside on 1280x1024x32 with it cranked up. I was playing on one of my old lower end systems too.

AMD Athlon 1.2GHz
nVidia NForce Board
GeForce 3 Ti200 128MB

I think Im going to play this game more often now that it accually works. It just keeps getting better and better. I remeber when It first came out I used to play it on my first comp. Duron 600MHz with 128MB SDRAM and a TNT 2 M64 32MB and it used to run dicent. Now I can enjoy it to the max! Game On!

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47. Re: I'm not dead yet... Sep 26, 2002, 11:16 small_garlic
And a skunk is not a screwdriver. No clue what you were trying to prove with your analogy (that T2 is not T1? You're right, one has a 2 after it)...don't really care.

I didn't read anything into their post, I simply stated my opinion. It is possible in this great big world that someone has a negative opinion based on their own perceptions and experiences. But I appreciate you judging me all the same.

For those that want to play the new T2 and have fun...more power to you, hope it is a load of fun. I just won't be joining you.

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46. Re: linux patch? Sep 26, 2002, 07:48 ashridah
there is now. not sure when it was released, but:
is the full patch, and
is the incremental (from version 24834)
there are other mirrors around probably, but that's the only one i know of atm
that's both client and server.
heafty, 91MB's, but it contains all the extras.


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45. No subject Sep 26, 2002, 03:38 werbwerb
Team Rabbit 2 is looking pretty fun...

Man, in 'Classic', you can ski super-freaking-fast compared to base.


Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds...

-Bhagavad Gita
Some people risk to employ me...
Some people live to destroy me...
...Either way, they die.
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44. HOLY CRAP! Sep 26, 2002, 01:25 Hellbinder
After the patch My Radeon 9700 performance went through the flipping ROOF!!! It was good before but this is stinking rediculous.

with all the detail sliders maxed junk turned on etc.. I am getting upwards of 140 FPS at 1280x1024x32 with 4x FSAA and 8x Aniso!!!!!. It drops to 60's when the crap hits the fan. At 1024x768x32 with 4xAA and 8xAF It is over 100 FPS nearly all the time. and I saw it hit close to 200 FPS inside a base. It looks real purdy to.

Pentium 4 2.4B 533 FSB
512mb 40ns Rdram
Radeon 9700pro 330/330
Win Xp

This comment was edited on Sep 26, 01:28.
The Whales name is Bob.
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43. Shifter updated to work with patch Sep 26, 2002, 00:28 TerroX
Shifter updated to work with patch
Go to the shifter site and grab the new server version + bug fixes for shifter too.

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42. Re: No subject Sep 25, 2002, 23:58 RoachMojo
I did a fresh clean install and had no problems patching it with only the new patch (some folk on TWL had reported problems doing it this way, however, and they had to install the patches through the game first, then apply the new patch).

I had one UE in the beginning, but after rebooting, played for two hours without incident. I love the patch!

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41. Re: No subject Sep 25, 2002, 23:26 Santiago
Yeah, for $10, I'll give it a shot as well. If nothing else, I might as well see what all this talk is about. Mostly so I can come back and throw in my $.02 as well. I'm just hoping for a game really based on teamwork that runs smoothly on my run of the mill machine. The UT2K3 demo is cool, but it's almost too fast, there's no real teamwork, and I don't get a consistent 30fps (it's close, but not quite there). It'd be cool if I could satisfy my craving for $10 instead. We'll see..

Cry 'havoc', and let slip the dogs o' war!
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"Oh that's blue. He's an old navy vet that hangs around my store a lot. But don't worry about it, he's legit."
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60 Replies. 3 pages. Viewing page 1.
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