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Blizzard Countdown

The countdown is underway on the Blizzard Entertainment Website (thanks Hanzo) where they started the clock ticking yesterday for their promised big announcement (story). Meanwhile, the mailbag here at the Blue Tower has been filling up with entries from folks excited to see the same countdown on (thanks StarmiT) which would seem to be an indicator of what today's announcement from the Tokyo Game Show will center around. Just to clarify, while the announcement may well indeed be about plans for a StarCraft sequel to satisfy those eager for such a project, the countdown actually appears on other domains Blizzard owns currently pointed at the same server, so you will also see this dramatic countdown (at 7-some odd hours as of this writing) on, as well, so there's no reason to be certain the announcement relates to StarCraft.

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92. Please be Diablo 3 Sep 26, 2002, 04:49 Zephalephelah
I got into major multiplayer gaming during the era of Doom2, C&C, and Warcraft 2. My friends enjoyed some of the aspects of warcraft2 and we played that at our lans along with C&C, and lots and lots of Doom. But for me there was something very lame about warcraft and that was how it poked fun at itself.

I’ve never been a fan of Naked Gun movies or Austin Powers. I find all that stuff absurd and unwatchable. Meanwhile, some of my friends are laughing their asses off. I guess we have to be different from one another. Some people like soaps, some people like parady, some people like blockbuster movies like Gladiator.

Anyway, I hated Warcraft2 and started calling it warcrap!. I never even played starcraft, because “zug-zug” and “da-boo” idiot orcs ruined it for me. At least Diablo took itself seriously and so I played that. Pretty brainless, but it didn’t make fun of itself so I could play it and feel a little more immersed than I ever could with warcrap. Diablo2 had a cut-scene, I think it was #3, which was so awesome, I played Diablo2 even more. Those little stupid spear throwers in the 3rd act were dumb, but overall Diablo2 didn’t make fun of itself. It was a serious game. I have characters that have only bows in their inventories, only rings, only swords, etc., etc. The game was fun, even if it didn’t require much to play it.

Now Blizzard has this announcement. First of all, I think that’s pretty weak. Keep it to yourself and tell us when you are ready. Hyping hype is stupid. I’m pretty sure it will be Starcraft and if it is and if my friends tell me to buy it, I really hope it isn’t starcrap2. But if it is Diablo, I would buy it just to see the cutscenes. If it is Diablo3 first person, I would buy it and I would raise hype about it.

I did it before. Just type Zephalephelah in google. I was featured on gamespot for e3 of the release year for D2. I take my games very seriously. I hope Blizzard does too. It’s why I threw my xbox against the wall. Only Halo took itself seriously. The rest of the games all treated me like a baby. You are in for a great tale of princes and toads my little friend… ACK!!

BTW, I hated Duke Nukem as well. It’s sort of funny once or twice, but the jokes get old and after hearing them 30,000 times, it was all “Da-boo” and “zug-zug” to me.

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91. Re: Ugh... Sep 26, 2002, 01:46 Halo
Finally another person that plays games for the game, and not the graphics. One of my favorite and collectiables is Snatcher for the Sega CD


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90. Ugh... Sep 24, 2002, 23:27 Icewind
I wonder what you consider "Top of the line". I was a big fan of jumping flash myself (Though I traded the first one, and my JF2 has scratches on it, unfortunately) yet I think it is far more appropriate to look at games that came out on both console and PC at the same time.

Tomb Raider 1, for instance. Even before the Glide patch, TR1 was much better looking then the PS conversion. I have, however, threw out everything you said since you foolishly forgot to mention that the PC, during the time peroid of 94-96, was still in it's downphase, and only the truly hardcore gamers like me were supporting the platform back then. Many companies either lacked the resources to create a true 3D game, or the reason to create one, since we PC gamers, at the time, desired better gameplay over better graphics.

I was playing World of Xeen (Might & Magic 4+5) up until Daggerfall came out in 96, and the pixelated 3D never bothered me. Thats why amny PC companies waited so long to take that leap. Most of the console kiddies were craving visuals, so it was essential that Sony stocked their software library with fantastic 3D games, even though most of them (Besides the few you mentioned) played horribly.

The best PS games were the NON 3D games. Like Project Overkill, Castlevania:SOTN, or Saga Frontier.

But, I tire of this. Everyone here is fully aware that the PC has always been ahead in the technology war. The fact that I buy every console when it comes out, yet still play my PC more often then anything else just further proves my theory.

At least for me, anyway.

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Avatar 13929
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89. Re: 3D Sep 24, 2002, 17:33 blazemore
Quake 2 in software mode looks better than any Quake 2 port a console has had.

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88. Re: 3D Sep 24, 2002, 00:47 Smellfinger
Where is the comedy in venereal disease? Peace out.

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87. 3D Sep 23, 2002, 04:34 Icewind
To Smellfinger:

You say before Voodoo 1, Consoles had better 3D then PCs? I don't know about that Mr. Finger. Let's look back to our wonderful Dos embracing, pre 3D card era, say...1995-ish.

Let's see. The PCs had Duke Nukem, and soon, Descent. Both great games visually, for their time.

Now, look at what the Consoles had. The very best 3D came from the Sega Saturn. What did they have in 1995? How about Virtua Fighter 1? Have you seen that game on the Saturn? Yuck!

How about the eventual PS1 port of Duke Nukem two years later? Or the half-arsed port of Doom on the 32X?

Come on. PCs have always been ahead of the consoles. Even now. One look at the two Morrowind Versions will prove that theory, as well as Max Payne.

Yes, PCs are infinitely more difficult to program for, but still, that adds further weight to my arguement that, quite simply, PCs have always been ahead of console least, Visually. (I'm not here to debate gameplay)

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Avatar 13929
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86. Re: Stupid Sep 22, 2002, 23:40 PsycSui
Also, I would like to guess that programming for a console is a lot easier than programming for a PC. The PC is super complex hardware wise, and you have tons of configurations with hardware AND software to consider. Consoles, on the other hand, are what they are, so you always know what you're getting.

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85. Re: Stupid Sep 22, 2002, 19:52 Smellfinger
" I can't believe the take a game that originated on the pc, turn it into a 3D environment (something which the PC has always ruled in)"

Not true. Consoles were better at 3D than PCs until the Voodoo 1 came out.

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84. Re: Stupid Sep 22, 2002, 16:30 snek_one
I can't believe the take a game that originated on the pc, turn it into a 3D environment (something which the PC has always ruled in) and then decide NOT TO MAKE A PC VERSION?!?!?

Even if they did come out with it I couldn't yet say if I would like this type of game, but it's the idea that counts. Even GTA3 was brought out on the PC eventually... They just owed it to the community, and so does Blizzard! > : (

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83. Re: C&C Renegade Anyone? Sep 21, 2002, 20:27 PsycSui
YES! that's what I want too! A good multiplayer action-RPG with first/third person perspective. But no-one will do it good!

It's rumored that Nerve (the company that developed the multiplayer portion of RtCW) is working on a secret project for id using the Quake 3 engine that's going to be kind of like that. But alas, it's only a rumor

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82. C&C Renegade Anyone? Sep 21, 2002, 00:37 Zephalephelah
I would like to see Diablo3 using a beautifully rendered FPS view.

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81. Re: Stupid Sep 20, 2002, 19:12 Smellfinger
Susan Sarandan's snatch is a sex barn.

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80. Re: Herzog Zwei Sep 20, 2002, 19:10 Smellfinger
" Herzog Zwei was a great game, but I would only consider it an RTS by remote relation. RTS isn't just "real time strategy" but implies a whole set of gameplay concepts that Herzog Zwei didn't have."

This isn't true at all. Herzog Zwei introduced every basic concept that Blizzard and Westwood use for their real-time strategy games.

"Nonetheless, Dune 2 still introduced all the elements of gameplay and interface design that are still around now."

But Herzog Zwei was first.

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79. Re: Stupid Sep 19, 2002, 22:25 AcidDrone
C&C Renegade anyone?

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78. Stupid Sep 19, 2002, 21:51 PsycSui
Lets see... why don't we make a game that's exactly like Splinter Cell only it doesn't look as good and you have to play as a stupid girl. Yeah, that's immersive... especially since I have a penis.

HELLO! Let us compare what we know so far about the two games...


Splinter Cell: gritty, cool, original graphics with grea light sourcing.

SC Ghost: typical direct 3D looking graphics.


Splinter Cell: I played it at E3, and it was beyond uber awsome! The controls were superb. The immersiveness of the engine was great... I actually felt like I was a super dude on a covert ops mission. Has cool, modern technology.

SC Ghost: looks kinda like the sci-fi alien levels in Turok. The main character has really big thighs. Not very immersive for guys... sorry, but I don't want to get in touch with my feminine side when doing covert ops, I wanna feel manly and kick ass. Probably has stupid futuristic weapons like UT2K3 (ok, I'm making an assumption. But if you don't have stupid weapons like UT2K3 you get bad reviews for having the same [great] guns as every other game).


Splinter Cell: not overly hyped. Snuck into the world, but is getting solid previews both by magazines and by people like myself who have played a little bit of it.

SC Ghost: a TON of hype, and we're already dissapointed. No game can live up to this (except DOOM III, haha).


Splinter Cell: XBox, PS2 and, thank heavens, the PC.

SC Ghost: XBox, PS2... who is Blizzard neglecting here? Oh, yeah, the LOYAL FANS! PC Gamers are the ones who gave Blizzard their untarnished (if not overrated) reputation, and now they're going to come out with their new (and only) action title and say "console only?" That's crap.

Sorry, but I am very dissapointed. What a bunch of poop. I think a new expansion for StarCraft would get more fans excited than this has.

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77. Re: Total crap Sep 19, 2002, 21:33 Oberiko
"Why would they waste thier time.........."

Because it's virtually assured to be a huge financial success.

Asides from that, Blizzard can't really go in to many other directions. If they were to make a RTS it would be direct competition for the recently released WCIII. Same applies to MMOG.

It basically came down to the only other really successful genres that would be relevent to the SC universe. FPS or TPS (Third Person Shooter, and yes, I generally do distinguish them).

I won't be getting a console to play this, but I'm still going to follow it as it does look pretty interesting.

Hoping they'll be the first to pull of successfully both the "one-man army" and "small part of much larger force" aspects.

I love the power glove. It's so bad.
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76. Total crap Sep 19, 2002, 21:25 PING
Why would they waste thier time..........

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75. Re: BWA HA HA!!! Sep 19, 2002, 21:25 Ray Marden
It is funny that you mention that; some of the sites were pointing to Vivendi's financial problems as reason for the hype surrounding the potential sale of Blizzard.

Not sure how I feel about the game, thinking it will come down to the gameplay,

Just say no to anonymous posting registered trolls!
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Everything is awesome!!!
I love you, mom.
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74. Re: BWA HA HA!!! Sep 19, 2002, 21:06 AcidDrone
Game looks pretty good, but purple hydralisks and firebats with machine guns isn't terribly SC-ish.
I have a feeling vivendi haev a lot to do with this, they want to milk blizzard for all their worth since they are slowly running out of money from milking half-life over and over from within sierra.

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73. ... Sep 19, 2002, 20:40 Ronin
shakes head
walks away

"I work for Keyser Soze."
"Don't Fear the Reaper, fear ME."
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