Out of the Blue

On the heels of yesterday's scumware discussion, it seems that some users are getting an oddball broken banner ad on this site on occasion that prompts for the installation of a plug-in that sounds a bit fishy (this may only be afflicting Netscape/Mozilla users based on the reports I've seen so far). I'm still in the process of looking into this, but wanted to let you now what was up in case you experienced this yourself, as well as welcome feedback from anyone who feels they have any insights into this, should it turn out it's actually just a bug, or some other deal with a story behind it.

Link of the Day: KEO. Thanks Gene Beaumont.
Stories of the Day: Anti-spam group forced to fix Web site. Thanks Mike Martinez. Alanis could not be reached for comment.
Like, 'like' has its place: Linguist. Thanks Mike Martinez, like, again.
Weird Science: Space 'tugboats' could save aging satellites. Thanks Mike Martinez. Even dopey sci-fi is coming true.
Wild Science: Health Gene for obsessive behaviour. Thanks Mike Martinez.
Image of the Day: Halo of the Cat's Eye. Thanks brother19.
Follow-ups: Stubborn snakeheads get final poisoning. Thanks Mike Martinez. Next up, nukes.
Palm to offer m130 refunds.. Thanks again Mike Martinez (phew!).
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