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Xymph's Finale

It's a very sad day here at the Blue Tower, as we must say farewell to Frans. There will be plenty of time for me for me to reflect upon this here, so in the meantime, I'll let him take center stage to take a well-deserved curtain call in his own words:

"Hello, I must be going..."

It was a little over three years ago that Blue sent me an email inquiring after my availability and interest in becoming a news editor for this here site. It couldn't have come at a better time. I was in the middle of a sabbatical year, had come to the conclusion that becoming involved with a major gaming site was something I really would like to do (and back then that wasn't such an ambitious idea as it is now), and a week later my cable connection was to be installed.

We came to an agreement, and several months of mutual preparation as well as a ritualistic introduction into the Blue's way ;) later, October 27, 1999, became my first day "on the job." I have tremendously enjoyed almost every moment since.

Now it's time to move on. I am pursuing a new opportunity that demands all of my time and energy. Regrettably, that means I must bid Stephen, Furn, this site and its readers a fond fondue (as Blue likes to say).

I am very grateful for being given the chance to make a contribution, for everything I've learned, and for the nearly three years of very amicable co-operation and just plain fun, and will certainly miss working here. I won't be far away and will keep checking the site, and hopefully we can work together again sometime in the future.
Best of luck, Stephen.

Tot ziens! :)

Play Time: The Doo-boy (Flash required). Thanks Frottage.
Story of the Day: $90,480 ham. Thanks TJZ-HuT.
Follow-ups: Mom faces reduced charge in sunburn. Thanks Reddog.
IWT Bans RIAA From Accessing Its Network. Thanks Mike Martinez.

45. Re: Tot ziens! :) Aug 23, 2002, 13:17 BicycleRepairMan
Ive been reading Blue's almost every day since before frans came along so in other words i've probably read ALOT of his posts, and since i live in europe, his postings were the "freshest news" to me (sort of),

So, goodbye Frans, and take care!

I guess blue's "Sleeping is overrated" statements are coming back then..

"Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively , there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Here's Tom with the weather." -Bill Hicks
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    Date Subject Author
  1. Aug 23, 01:13 Good Luck galewind
  15. Aug 23, 04:36  Re: Good Luck Chance
  2. Aug 23, 01:31 Aww, heck. Zdim
  3. Aug 23, 01:32 Good Luck. Rayban
  4. Aug 23, 01:38  <wipes the tears away> the_culture
  5. Aug 23, 01:45 Oh dear... The Other White Meat
  23. Aug 23, 06:44  Re: Oh dear... Riker
  27. Aug 23, 08:25   Re: Oh dear... The Other White Meat
  6. Aug 23, 01:45 You're the best, Frans banddirector
  7. Aug 23, 02:02 Best of Luck Frans Mashiki Amiketo
  8. Aug 23, 02:10 Good luck BUCKFUTTER
  9. Aug 23, 02:42  *sings* Spook
  10. Aug 23, 02:45   Re: *sings* snide
  11. Aug 23, 03:20 Have fun, Frans NotOneOfUs
  12. Aug 23, 04:00  Re: Have fun, Frans RoughKnt
  13. Aug 23, 04:04 Tot Ziens! [TCOB]HARVEY
  14. Aug 23, 04:06 Tot Ziens! Anvil
  16. Aug 23, 04:38  Re: Tot Ziens! Dr.Haggard
  17. Aug 23, 04:39 No subject teh mane mahn
  18. Aug 23, 04:54 Agh! indiv
  19. Aug 23, 05:15 Tot Ziens Frans! Eon
  20. Aug 23, 05:31 I hate farewells :( - NT duckmaster
  21. Aug 23, 05:43 What a bummer... Ray Marden
  22. Aug 23, 05:50 Good luck! Hazard
  24. Aug 23, 07:14 ah Devster
  25. Aug 23, 07:28  No subject nin
  26. Aug 23, 07:31 Congrats Starsky
  28. Aug 23, 08:43 L8r G8r RaTzo
  29. Aug 23, 09:06 A simple Thank You Bronco
  30. Aug 23, 09:17 Whoa theAntiELVIS
  31. Aug 23, 09:36 Take care Hump
  32. Aug 23, 09:47 Fondue to you too! ILL Robinson
  33. Aug 23, 09:47 Fondue to you too! ILL Robinson
  34. Aug 23, 09:59  Re: Fondue to you too! Nimh
  35. Aug 23, 10:05 Bittersweet Atomic
  36. Aug 23, 10:39 No subject Pie4Foo
  37. Aug 23, 10:51 Fond Fondue WalterEgo
  41. Aug 23, 11:14  Re: Fond Fondue WarPig
  42. Aug 23, 11:21   Re: Fond Fondue KaRRiLLioN
  38. Aug 23, 11:05 Seeya Frans EnsignRedshirt
  39. Aug 23, 11:06 gg Frans! Crushproof
  40. Aug 23, 11:10 So long... Sasquach
  43. Aug 23, 12:10 Tot ziens! :) c r i s p y
  44. Aug 23, 13:05  Re: Tot ziens! :) snide
>> 45. Aug 23, 13:17   Re: Tot ziens! :) BicycleRepairMan
  47. Aug 23, 13:56    Re: Tot ziens! :) Bronco
  48. Aug 23, 14:31      good luck frans. eric clapton is god
  49. Aug 23, 14:37     Re: Tot ziens! :) Dr.Haggard
  46. Aug 23, 13:45 Bye Frans! Ant
  50. Aug 23, 14:40 A staple of Blue's News life is going! Postal
  51. Aug 23, 14:59 Good luck Frans! spyder11
  52. Aug 23, 17:15 *sniff* Devster
  54. Aug 23, 19:52  Re: *sniff*  Xymph 
  55. Aug 23, 20:28   Re: *sniff* snide
  56. Aug 23, 22:14    Re: *sniff*  Xymph 
  53. Aug 23, 18:52 Bye Frans Trymeyes
  57. Aug 23, 22:15 State of Blue's News Bronco
  58. Aug 24, 15:46  Re: State of Blue's News  Xymph 
  59. Aug 24, 16:46   Re: State of Blue's News Bronco

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