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Battlefield 1942 MP Demo

Earlier than anticipated due to miscommunication abroad, Electronic Arts has now officially released the multiplayer demo of Battlefield 1942, and we have a local copy with mirrors of this 3D vehicular action game in development at Digital Illusions. The 130.2 MB download offers the Wake Island map that you can play in Conquest mode with up to 32 players.

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201. In-game Server Browser Aug 23, 2002, 12:52 SnowyC
The worst thing about the game has to be the in-game browser which is slow and inaccuarate and you guessed it, is "powered by Gamespy".

Ideally, people should first have a choice out of servers nearest to their locations but we all know Gamespy suX!

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200. Just in case you did not know.... Aug 23, 2002, 06:53 grotesque
Same as in Medal Of Honor for those who know about it

Go to BF1942 main folder (eg c:\games\bf1942MultiplayerDemo\) and rename the Movies folder to something else, Movies2 for example. This will stop the game being able to find the short intros of EA and DICE that you see after launching the game. It will always load you up straight into the game menu, no more annoying waiting.

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199. Taking over the world Aug 23, 2002, 04:22 dac
This thing is hot.

Downtown network gaming lounge, ALL of the machines are playing BF 1942 (20+). The internet servers that aren't password protected (and not running on pissy network links) are all full, 24 hours a day.

This thing rocks, its fun, it looks good, and it's sure to sell well.

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198. Demo Still crashing? Possible Fix Aug 22, 2002, 23:16 Parallax
I was one of the many looking for why the demo would drop me to the desktop after only seconds of play. I updated my VIA chipset motherboard to the latest 4-in-1 drivers and now works like a charm! (No refresh issue for me either)

Hope this helps someone.
Win XP Pro
AMD Athlon 1.3
Geforce 4 ti 4400
KT7A motherboard

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197. Sort-of solution for the refresh bug Aug 22, 2002, 11:03 MuppetKing
IŽll just repost this one from another BF thread for those that really cant live with 60Hz:

DonŽt know if anyone have posted this before (cant be arsed to read all 70+ posts) but this is a sort-of solution for the 60Hz situation (try to play at any other refreshrate and the game quits to desktop on load):

Download Refreshtool (

Get the 29.42 drivers (

(remove any other refreshrate program and nvidia driver, before install).

My take on the netcode: Playable, if not in the same league as Q3/UT/HL. Just hammer some big-name server and the experience will be fine.

The game: Lots of potential, funny as hell sometimes. Probably a buy.

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196. Dedicated Server Aug 21, 2002, 21:58 AstroCreep
Anyone have any problems running the dedicated server on an NT4.0 box?

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195. Locks up? Aug 21, 2002, 20:45 NuclearTester
Anyone else has problem of the game freezing?
I updated all the drivers and even flashed mb bios, but it still freezes

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194. No subject Aug 21, 2002, 14:22 NoGodForMe
If you goto the official site and click on Links you get this listing
There are few sites in there with message boards.
So far, the one I like the best is this one.
Main site is here.
I like the way the site is laid out, and the colors.

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193. I'm getting a bit bored of the same map! Aug 21, 2002, 14:16 Xirtam
I have to say, I love this game to bits! It's the best game I have ever played! Superb gameplay and excellent graphics! But now, I am getting tierd of the same map, the same planes and the same vehicles. I am dieing to try out new maps and planes etc! Does anyone have any info on what's comming up for this demo and the game?!

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192. IS THERE A SUPPORT FORUM!!! Aug 21, 2002, 11:42 SouL_DragooN
I have yet to find a support forum for this game.. EA message boards are horribly slow with no real information. The problem is I have a secondary computer I want to run it on and it will load play for up to 10 seconds then freeze..
pentium 3 1 gig
winfast geforce gts 32 meg (leadtek)
windows 2000
sound blaster live
net gear adapter
all the latest drivers
thanks for any help ( been working on this for days)

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191. I HAVE A BIG PROBLEM, SO ONE HELP!!!! Aug 21, 2002, 10:21 VeX
Whenever I go to play mutliplayer, the screen zooms out, show alittle of my desktop and turns black. Then that stupid Windows XP dialog comes up saying "Sorry for the inconvinence, Send Report or Dont Send Report"! AHHAHAH! All I want to do is play the god damn game without having an problems. Does anyone know how to fix this and allow me to play this game. Help me ASAP!!

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190. No subject Aug 21, 2002, 02:33 Roc
Theres two things that worry me about bf1942, the dedicated server and lock in to gamespy arcade. The dedicated server currently is a bit of a CPU hog, it pretty much takes a whole top spec PC to run it decently. If you look at most of the people who host game servers out there they tend to have 4 or 5 game servers on 1 pc. I think we will see a distinct lack of servers out there on release compared to other FPS's. Also the lack of any linux server reduce's the number further. Most of the complaints about netcode have probably because the bf1942 server is running on a pc that cant handle it, regardless of net connection it is running on. When you do get a good server hitscan weapons feel a lot better. Combine all this with EAs determination to lock us in with Gamespy Arcade, which i find to be probably the worst server browser on the market and you've got a lot of frustrated gamers. Theres been quite a large thread on EAs board about ASE(All Seeing Eye Browser),!ticket=107ba6e61fc3a8296&decode=602

Many people have also emailed them with little response, I hope EA come out and confirm that ASE will never be supported, silence just hurts them more.

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189. Refresh Rate Question Aug 20, 2002, 21:40 tiesto81
This is just a general question about refresh rates and their effects with games. Does anyone here run a 1600 x 1200 desktop with 85hz or lower for the refresh rate? This is currently what i'm running with a 21" trinitron monitor and geforce 4.

I'm hearing everyone talk about how they need their refresh rate to be so high to enjoy this game and others in general.

However, in terms of Windows XP at least, any refresh rate higher than 85hz (at least on the desktop) blurs the text. I've found the clearest text to be with a refresh rate of 75-85hz but not higher.

So this leads me to my main two questions.

What am I missing out on with a refresh rate of 85hz for my resolutions? Should I be "concerned" that i'm not running my games at a higher refresh rate? Quite frankly I'm not sure what the games are running at - i'm assuming at 85hz since that's what my desktop is in. I'd also assume that running the games at a higher refresh rate than 85 would cause the game to blur just like my text did on the desktop.

And second, do I need a secondary program to force the refresh rates for other resolutions or can this be done directly from XP (I was reading that dxdiag.exe does this but i'm not positive).

Thanks for any info. I know my monitor supports the Refresh rates as does my videocard, so not sure what's up.

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188. Uncomplicated Fun..uncomplicated Aug 20, 2002, 17:05 richcz3
This game is just fun. An amazing amount of depth and variable ways to play. Pretty well ballanced and easy to get into.

It's not a simulation by any stretch of the imagination, it's an action title. I kinda frowned when I heard planes would be controled with a mouse and keyboard.
You know what? I am very impressed with the simplified control scheme. Even a person like me who plays IL2 Sturmovik, CFS2 and other flight sims. I am sure there will plenty of mods created to raise the realism values for those who have to have them.

Having set the game up on a LAN here, I have found out that a headshot will take a soldier down in one shot. Damage is dependent on location hit. So my concerns about weak rifle weapons are reduced. It appears that either net code or lag have resulted in low kills with the engineer rifle, even from 3 feet away.


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187. Dunno If this has been posted yet Aug 20, 2002, 11:28 anon@4.23
I have read that a couple people have been having problems with the refresh rate or are annoyed by this defaulting @ 60 Hz. I admit playing games @ 60 Hz is the least of my problems during a full day but anyways.. here it is:

1.) Go to " Run " in the Start menu.
2.) Type in " dxdiag " then hit ENTER
3.) Go all the way to the far right tab and click on the "More Help" tab.
4.) There should be an override button in there where you can manually specify the refresh rate.
5.) I like 85 Hz on my monitor but if you have a weak or cheapie monitor take caution in messing with these settings as they can damage your monitor.
6.) This info is based and assumed you are using directx version 8.

Let me know guys if this helps cause truthfully I'd rather use this method than downloading some program some programmer just wrote up and hasn't tested with multiple applications. You never know what's in that software and noone supports it.
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186. Re: classes Aug 20, 2002, 10:45 anon@12.239

That could be a decent mod...
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185. Radio Commands Aug 20, 2002, 09:08 anon@212.159
F2 is the "request" menu of commands. Whenever you request something e.g. pickup or air support your red arrow on the map flashes yellow to let your team m8's know whose requesting.

The only thing wrong with this system is the incompetence of some people that play the game. For example, I had to abandon ship and was in the water too far out from the shoreline, a team landing craft goes right by despite me requesting a pickup and I consequently drowned.

Anyone with a score of over 10 is usually the Rambo's who know what there doing which is easy really because its mainly from capturing control points.
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184. Classes Aug 20, 2002, 09:01 anon@212.159
Player classes is not the problem. The problem is how players distribute to different classes.

I played a game the other day where I was the ONLY Engineer on team with about 10 Assault and 1 Medic which was stupid.

In the "hints and tips" on the official site, its says to learn the voice commands keys. If i need a medic, i request one nearby and nobody reacts which is just stupid. Another example of having to do the Rambo thing as your forced to.

You can either muck about at the start on the Jap side waiting for planes or you can get into a landing craft and quickly capture the south control points which are usually not well defended i've seen.

For some people, the novelty of flying around doesn't wear off, I don't fly much in the game and when I do, I make it count unlike some.
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183. classes Aug 20, 2002, 04:29 Merc248
well... i think they should eliminate classes altogether and just have a thing where u pick ur primary weapon (no choice for secondary however, since the colt/luger are the only ones were really used in WW2), and maybe 4 points to spend on accessories (grenades are 1 point, explosives are 2 points, binoculars are 3 points, land mines are 2 points) this should give a possibility to add more weapons without having to add more classes (like the m1 garand, grease gun, fg42, and maybe even MG's like in DOD, like the MG42)

i think there should be also a seperate 'pilot' class that could be seperate from the 'infantry' class thats fully customizable... the pilot class could automatically carry a paratrooper gun and a pistol, with 2 grenades, but are the only ones that can fly the planes.

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182. Re: Love the Game! A few bugs though... Aug 20, 2002, 02:30 anon@66.185
I remember in the SP demo I had some trouble sniping people as well so it might not just be the lag, although that is a big big problem. Another thing is that your ping on the score board rarely updated and there have been many times when I was obviously lagging a lot but the score board said I had 60 ping.  
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