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America's Army Recon Demo

A bit earlier than anticipated, NVIDIA is the first site to offer downloads of the Recon demo of America's Army: Operations, the free first-person shooter game that was developed by the U.S. Army using the Unreal engine. The Recon demo requires a whopping 203.9 MB download, and offers "four single player basic training missions including a rifle range, obstacle course and weapons course," as well as "six multiplayer missions including a homeland defense operation, urban training, freeing prisoners, and protecting against an act of ecological terrorism." Word from HomeLan Fed is that the login authorization and multiplayer servers are not due to be launched until the original release time of 3:00 AM EDT (midnight PDT) though. Further mirrors can be expected on the official site by that time as well. Update: Mirrors are already online at FilePlanet (registration required) and 3D Gamers.

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368. Re: ooooo though guys Jul 9, 2002, 15:11 Tony!!!

my 360 user name is Robo Pop
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367. ooooo though guys Jul 9, 2002, 14:53 anon@64.231
Look at me, I'm sooo smart, I know this & that and lots of things, like when I walk I need to put my LEFT foot then RIGHT foot, its so easy JUST like politics, mmm I love to wack off to politics , ummm I feel that this represents the lack of representation of municipal factions associated with the matter at hand.

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366. ??? Jul 9, 2002, 13:49 anon@213.65's up with all the history lessons?...oil, russian, idians, Hitler, tax money,etc? I mean, the first 30-50 post are about the game, then there is 300 posts about...everything except the game. At least 100 posts are about how someone misspelled something. Looks like it's about time to close this thread i would say...
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365. Re: pinicle Jul 9, 2002, 13:38 Propagandhi
Excellent job #363, you've picked apart every point he made with one sweeping statement. Your incite is obviously far superior to that of a normal man, and because of this I will now follow your every post and hail you as "Sir SuperGreatSmartSmart."


I eat pasta!
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364. Re: pinicle Jul 9, 2002, 12:43 Politically Censored
Some of America's Presidents/Vice Presidents have had trouble with spelling and grammar as well. Does that make them idiots too?

This comment was edited on Jul 9, 12:52.
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363. pinicle Jul 9, 2002, 12:23 anon@66.21


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362. Re: I OWN THE USA Jul 9, 2002, 10:00 Politically Censored
An excerpt from -

"The two games will cost about $7 million to design and to maintain 140 servers for online play, according to Lt. Col. Casey Wardynski, director of the Army's internal consulting team. That's about the same as a new M1A3 tank, and less than one-half of one percent of the Army's recruitment budget.

Given the high cost of persuading teenagers to join the Armed Forces, Wardynski figures the expense will have been worth it if an additional 300-400 enlist as a result of the game."

So this establishes that the game was meant to be propaganda and a recruitment tool and yes, it came out of the military budget (however much of that you want to believe). So no more posts about that, now that it's clear.

#361 - I know you won't be around to read this but, 'thanks' for your post. That's exactly my point, the military needs conflict to keep itself in use and the corporations need cheap natural resources so they all see it as a win-win situation. The same reason that drugs will never stop coming into this country. Too many branches of the government would be out of work and they would have one less thing to use to get public approval for increases in the budget.

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361. Re: I OWN THE USA Jul 9, 2002, 09:08 anon@195.74
Boy they really need to implement a post rating system like on Slashdot. There might actually be some interesting points burried in the mass of rubbish.

However, as it seems to be the in-thing to do, I'll make a bunch of bigotted sweeping statements and be on my way:

First a few brief comments on the "Screw the rest of the world" attitude - we're the best. And the feeling that everyone else should be eternally grateful for their help.

*) The American millitary machine is indeed the current pinicle of K/D ratio warefare. This is mainly because they have spent the entire cold war period pouring VAST sums of money into their military to fight an incredibly sophisticated and bloody all out global war against the Russions that never happened.

*) In the gulf they went up against an army that was composed almost entirely of semi-trained conscripts who's only military experience was of the Iran/Iraq war where they excelled at machine-gunning hords of teenagers armed with make-shift weapons and "faith". Iraq's military leadership was also rather poor, making MASSIVE tactical errors in the positioning of their troops and equipment (so much so that Stormin Normal was convinced it HAD to be a trap). The Iraq's were fighting a war with 1960's soviet technology using semi-trained troops against 1980's tech and a highly trained and intergrated killing machine setup to take apart the best Russia could throw at them.

It wasn't so much a stunniing military victory as a turkey shoot.

Afghanistan? Your talking about a bunch of guys with a small amount of heavy weapons and a lot of small-arms. The main challenge here seemed to be Political rather than military, as it was essentially a civil war with one side happening to harbour a group of terrorists.

My point is this, of course it's the best with opposition like that and the funding the American military receives what do you expect?
Other eurpean countries (and Canada before someone moans) produce highly trained effective forces, but they don't put anywhere near the same kind of cash into them. Hence they are smaller and less well equipped.

The flipside is that because America spends so much on such a large force, they're itching to justify their existance. Hence the World-Policman role.

Also perfectly understandably - the recipients of this "Justice" (that's a whole other debate) get really pissed off and want to fight back any way they can. As a pitched battle is suicide, they resort to terrorism. It ain't nice, it ain't pretty, but far worse has been done in the name of good (German blitz on London/Lancaster where thousands and thousands died no-where near a "legitimate" target, and British "Firestorm" bombing raids that destroyed entire cities along-WITH their enhabitants, The nuclear bomb at hiroshima etc etc). Naturally everything is allways THEIR fault, and we are allways on the side of "GOOD", and everything is nice n clear cut - black n white.
I ain't condoning terroism, I'm saying don't get so snooty about the "Evil" people when our own countries have commited acts far far far far far worse in the name of our freedom. Some of the worse events in history happen when people get too patriotic and critial of other nations.

Bottom line - don't think ur so god damn better than anybody else cos u happened to have been born on one patch of land than another. That goes for everybody not just the Americans.

Getting somewhere near back on topic now - The game MUST be a recruitment stunt, cos unless it's changed since I last checked, the American military's remit didn't extend to developing games software. Will it work - yes almost certainly, the people they'll be targetting - future "cannon fodder" will be easily swayed by something like this. Course, lots of people will just play it n think trashy propoganda etc - but that's fine cos they wouldn't want to recruit them anyway.

Anyway, I'll let you all get back to flaming the shit out of each other (me too now I expect, except I won't be around to read it!).
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360. I OWN THE USA Jul 9, 2002, 04:28 anon@148.78

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359. Dumbness factor at all time high... Jul 9, 2002, 03:17 Propagandhi
..who is to blame?
Seriously guys, unless the stupidity level raises pretty quickly on these boards I'm heading over the the Lamespy Network for some more *intelligent* conversation..

I'm all for requiring log ins if that would reduce the rubish you have to sift through to find the intelligent comments that are made by anons (notice that this is the reason I do not block anon's posts...)

I eat pasta!
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358. No subject Jul 9, 2002, 01:05 anon@66.157
Hey, I represent that. I'm a teenager and have been actively playing video games since Wolfenstein debuted when I was 7. Now granted, plenty of teenagers are mindless sheep who feel "angsty" because their moms won't buy them those $50 bondage pants from Hot Topic, but that doesn't mean we're all like that by any means. But I consider myself to have a strong moral consciousness. I realize what this game is trying to do, and while it may increase my awareness and respect for the Army, it won't convince me to join. I pay taxes and I'm fine that some of it is going toward video game development, thanks to our ballooning defense budget. I don't think this will directly compete with current games or affect the economy. It's like putting bottled water next to a drinking fountain. The masses may run to the fountain and call it good, but those who know what's best will buy the bottle anyway.

169- I don't think they're hoping it will influence people to join the Military in a mind-control way, but more of an "hey, being a soldier is pretty cool" way. Remember, they tried to model the life and environment of a soldier as accurately as possible. Comparing it to Crazy Taxi and Super Smash Bros. isn't fair- those weren't meant to be accurate depictions of the trade. Besides, don't you think there were some people out there who played flight sims that made them want to become pilots? The airline industry just didn't pursue that as a marketing tool.
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357. Re: once again Jul 8, 2002, 23:04 anon@68.98
Umm hello? nobody's talking about the game because there's nothing left to say.

1) lack of training servers
2) download and installation issues (i.e. user error)
3) the game is boring
4) the game is fun
5) gamespy sucks, use all seeing eye
6) fileplanet sucks

that about wraps it up. This thread would have died at around 40 posts and about 10 of them would have been imparting useful information. god forbid there's actually a discussion going on! *gasp*
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356. Re: once again Jul 8, 2002, 22:49 anon@65.80
Uh... Mashiki. the thread is about the americas army game and not politics. I think people are trying to get the political discussion out of the thread... Unfortunately it has turned into a forum for US bashing and some have taken exception with that.  
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355. Re: We need you and you need us Jul 8, 2002, 22:43 anon@65.80
Good post #350 hopefully we can get on with discussions that are related to the topic of the thread instead of this idiotic debate over nationalities from people that admit they have uninstalled the game, unbelievable...  
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354. No subject Jul 8, 2002, 22:18 anon@216.78
This gets so old. Fileplanet lets you download for free, or use a personal server did you ever stop to think how much they have to pay every month just to stay afloat? Yet total halfwits are always thinking they are *SOOO SPECIAL* that everything should be *FREE* for them. Well guess what.. that is not how the world works.

They limit downloads on the free side to make it USABLE for everyone. There are thousands of people trying to downlaod from them every second, and they host more files than nearly everyone else combined. show some damn RESPECT!!!!!!

I gladly PAID for my personal server. And I doouwnloaded AA at over 250k in under 15 min!!!!! Just like i get all my demos, patches etc.. The misaly 6.95 per month is more than worth it.

If you think every once else should pay for your services, or that everything should be free. move to Damn Communist china where they will set you up with government proveded stuff *real Good* until then go read animal farm, learn to respect those that provide a service to you, or SHUT UP!
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353. Re: once again Jul 8, 2002, 22:11 Mashiki Amiketo

I am once again reminded to state the obvious to brain dead drooling numb nuts such as yourself. If you don't like what your reading, go away. If you have a true opinion express it.
"For every human problem,
there is a neat, simple solution;
and it is always wrong."
--H.L. Mencken
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352. Re: once again Jul 8, 2002, 20:09 anon@216.78
the problem is that this game comes at the wrong time. with the united states flexing its military muscle, one cannot help but be reminded of napoleon and his conquests that killed scores of people. now the US is using a violent video game to recruit, when it could be argued that the united states already has an extreme violence problem within its borders (columbine, airport shootings, mcveigh, etc.)  
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351. Re: once again Jul 8, 2002, 20:01 Tony!!!
Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah? Blah Blah Blah BLah Blah BLAH!!!

my 360 user name is Robo Pop
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350. We need you and you need us Jul 8, 2002, 19:44 anon@66.185
No man is an island and neither is any country (metaphorically speaking). World markets, Free Trade (it's not all about OIL) means we are all interdependent on one another (remember that next time you drive your Volkswagen (Germany) to the movie Superman (Sony,Japan) and go home and finish your favourite PC game like Max Payne (Sweden) or anxiously await the release of Raven Sheild (Canada). Some of us are big and some of us are small so forget this "Screw the rest of the world" attitude. Sure you're Big Brother to the world but you have interest at stake in doing so, it's not all goodwill.
P.S. SOF Magazine: Canadian snipers kick ass in Afghanistan.
P.S. II It was posted here earlier by someone else but if you are using The All-Seeing Eye you can go to UT>Other>Other and you will find a bunch of Homelan servers running Americas Army. Just change the .exe association.
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349. Re: once again Jul 8, 2002, 19:11 anon@24.65
yeah too bad it sucks so bad.... oh well, there's always UT2003  
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