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America's Army Recon Demo

A bit earlier than anticipated, NVIDIA is the first site to offer downloads of the Recon demo of America's Army: Operations, the free first-person shooter game that was developed by the U.S. Army using the Unreal engine. The Recon demo requires a whopping 203.9 MB download, and offers "four single player basic training missions including a rifle range, obstacle course and weapons course," as well as "six multiplayer missions including a homeland defense operation, urban training, freeing prisoners, and protecting against an act of ecological terrorism." Word from HomeLan Fed is that the login authorization and multiplayer servers are not due to be launched until the original release time of 3:00 AM EDT (midnight PDT) though. Further mirrors can be expected on the official site by that time as well. Update: Mirrors are already online at FilePlanet (registration required) and 3D Gamers.

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268. Re: MORONS Jul 7, 2002, 00:52 anon@64.231
I agree, close this stupid thing down!  
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267. Re: MORONS Jul 7, 2002, 00:29 Tony!!!
Blue, just NUKE this thread. Suddenly everyone here is an expert in politics with thier own view of the going ons of the government. This isn't a politically incorrect thread. Man, this whole lame ass mentallity that has taken over the forum has gotten old. I wan't to read something 'game' related here. NUKE THIS THREAD NOW BLUE! Nothing good can come from it. Push the button and end it all. Let God sort them out. There all equal when they're six feet under.

my 360 user name is Robo Pop
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266. Re: MORONS Jul 6, 2002, 23:42 anon@207.12
I dont know guys. I think major causes of USSR failure had nothing to do with communist Ideals. Stalin was a ruthless dictator, moreso than Hitler or Mussolini. He used Lenin's and Trostky's footprint to abuse and abuse for decades. I almost cry for the pain endured by common russian men and women in WW2 and the years leading up to it, but it isnt like they even ever saw a functional communist state, whether or not it was a good idea.  
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265. Re: MORONS Jul 6, 2002, 23:22 WarPig
If us communists/anarchists/socialists don't organize

You did. It was called the U.S.S.R.

Didn't work.

Of course, you could always move to Cuba where they're still giving it a go. You'll probably have to leave your computer here though.

Good luck. Bye.

*** As usual, I could be wrong. But really, what are the odds of that happening twice? ***
Avatar 1750

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264. Re: MORONS Jul 6, 2002, 22:50 anon@63.202
All life involves politics and class conflict. The fact that so many feel the need to voice their opinions and state the facts that the US is a terrorist state and has commited countless atrocities in the name of "democracy and freedom" just proves that the world's only super power is in total decline as well as the "free market capitalism" that it pretends to enforce. Capitalism is going the way of the dino. It really becomes obvious the more I watch the corporate news broadcasts, and their total "bait and switch" methods of "news." They are trying to hide this obvious destruction from the public, but the moral and economic core of this country is about to crash and burn. Everyone can feel something is utterly wrong in their stomachs, they just haven't grasped yet what it is and what to do about it. I just hope that more people become aware and are able to fight against the corruption of capitalism and it's fascist tendences. If us communists/anarchists/socialists don't organize in solidarity, the reactionary fascist factions of this country WILL take power, because frankly, capitalism will always take this route when it is threatened, since it plays on the most reactionary aspects of human beings, "morality," jealousy, envy, shame, and greed.  
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263. Re: The truth about the gulf war Jul 6, 2002, 22:16 Bronco
And yet I havent even mentioned the depleted uranim in the weapons they used. (but neither did the american govement of course..)

Yeah, that stuff is in the same vein as Agent Orange. Designed by an engineer, sounds great in theory. In practice the cost far outweighs the benefit.

That stuff is bad news. Despite the fact that its density will pierce just about anything.

Avatar 10139
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262. Re: The truth about the gulf war Jul 6, 2002, 21:32 anon@207.12
Sounds pretty pessemistic to me guy. Maybe your right, though. As far as defenseless peasants, I would disagree, the Iraqi Army in 1991 had many thousands of war hardened officers and 5000 main battle tanks. I also dont think Iraq was nearly as impoverished as it is today back then. It just goes to show you, though, if u ARE right, our corporate scandals this last 12MOS or so in this country has cost us 10x what we would have saved on oil. WorldCom pensioners alone stand to lose 140BILLION dollars, if you can believe that.  
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261. The truth about the gulf war Jul 6, 2002, 21:11 BicycleRepairMan
Here's what America did in iraq in 1991. They systematicly bombed all infrastructure watersupplies, food-reserves power-plants, roads etc (this still causes hundreds of civilians to die from hunger plagues and so on), they then went in with a massive groundforce and fought defence-less peasants who were forced to fight ("or saddam will kill your children...") without proper weapons or training.
After taking control ove most of the country they decided NOT to take out saddam(something that would have been easy, to say the least.)You see, they need saddam as an excuse to keep thousands of soldiers in the region to control the oil reserves.

And yet I havent even mentioned the depleted uranim in the weapons they used. (but neither did the american govement of course..)

We have now gone beyond the point of being naive, even when we hear these things and we actually belive it , we just dont care anymore

"I am a Fucked-up individual"
-Iggy Pop (live at Norwegian Wood 02)
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260. Re: you make me sick Jul 6, 2002, 21:10 anon@65.80
yea genious, get a new video card.. and you call the other guy an idiot.

How about getting a discussion with this much passion about the game instead of biased political and cultural beliefs from all sides???
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259. Re: Ridiculous Jul 6, 2002, 20:06 Roundhouse
#226 "Hey are you forgetting that Bill Gates not only stole the Windows operating system from IBM, but he's tries to get open sorce software banned every opportunity he gets. C'mon, wake up! Gates is every bit as bad as the American Government."

Hahahaha your the idiot. IBM tried to steal Windows from Bill Gates

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258. Re: Whiney Eurotrash Jul 6, 2002, 19:50 anon@195.92
>Do not allow the TROLL liberal Europeans to piss you off.
Hi, I posted the wedding thing way back in the #180's or so; you're right, it was a troll, I'm quite impressed that there was so few vitriolic posts in reply, to be honest.

>Don't listen to the "America is fucked up" talking Brits that frequent this board either. They still have a King and Queen for God sakes. A "Royal Family" who sits on their uber-rich asses and could give a shit less what their own "commoners" think. Their Prime Minister has his nose so far up Bush’s ass, he can see light at the end of the tunnel…

Still (and yeah, more trollism) just wanted to point out that the King and Queen are primarily there these days to appeal to tourists. You know, those people who hang around outside with cameras and bomba jackets and baseball caps... what are they called again? Oh yeah, Americans. Funny that.

You also seem to have some trouble differentiating between the royal family and the prime minister; either that or you're a member of

FWIW, from what I can tell, the vast majority of peons here have little respect for the approach of the Prime Minister - you're right, he's Bush's little lapdog; but then, he was only really voted in because the alternatives were no better. Nearly everyone I've spoken to on the subject, be they close acquaintances or no, seems to be pretty set against that sort of approach. Still, there's always dissent - it's not like Bush is universally supported over there, is it?

K, i'll stop rambling now.
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257. Has anyone actually gotten expert.... Jul 6, 2002, 19:32 anon@66.1
has anyone gotten the experts marksman badge?
i've hit 36/40 and missed 4 about three times now and every time its said i got a sharpshooterbadge...
i have yet to hit 37/40...

the readme thing before hand says all you need is 36 and i've done that several times...
anybody actually get the expert ranking? and if so whatd u get?
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256. MORONS Jul 6, 2002, 19:00 anon@216.165
This thread is supposed to be about AMERICA'S ARMY DEMO, not eurotrash, oil/middle east or mothefucking Russia.

Get back on topic.
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255. Re: Expert Marksman? Jul 6, 2002, 18:51 anon@24.234

I do not debate the fact that it would be more expensive and require Russia to bolster it's oil infrastructure in order for it to be useful to us. However, this is not a show stopper. If cutting off relations with the Middle East means I have to pay MORE for Russian based oil, then I will pay it gladly. Frankly, I find our reliance on fossil fuels in the year 2002 to be pathetic. It would please me greatly if gasoline became REALLY expensive, and Americans had to learn how to conserve, and switch to alternative energy. I'd like to see all these ridiculously huge SUVs sitting in junk yards or getting V6 conversions because they are total Gas pigs. Actually, one of my life goals is to build a self sustained “Off-the-grid” house out here in the desert. I can even sell power pack to the power company if I produce a surplus.

Hyphen Related - It does work that way on the's called net slang. It's no different than using the letter "U" instead of the word "you". The beauty of typing a message on the internet is that you can emphasize your point with VISUAL cues just as you would fluctuate your voice if standing next to a person. In case you didn’t notice, the goal on the net is communication, not getting an “A” in English 101. This isn't a magazine or a published paper. It's like we are talking. Here comes another one "3nglish Booooooy"! Go run that one through your spell checker. Wait. "Ya" isn’t a word either. Oh shoot. Would it make you happy if I typed it “UNDEReducated” next time?

Actually, even though they are very unstable and kinda <---(not a real word) scary these days, I am a fan of post Cold War Russia. I’m pulling for them. I hope they make it. Even their space program is more forward thinking than the waste of money, orbital trucking company we call NASA.
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254. Re: Expert Marksman? Jul 6, 2002, 17:56 Politically Censored

I can't edit my previous post

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253. Re: Expert Marksman? Jul 6, 2002, 17:56 Politically Censored

I can't edit my previous post

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252. Re: Expert Marksman? Jul 6, 2002, 17:56 anon@64.219

I can't edit my previous post
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251. Re: Expert Marksman? Jul 6, 2002, 17:43 anon@64.219
Thankfully somone realises...  
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250. Re: Expert Marksman? Jul 6, 2002, 17:37 anon@24.234
I said..

"Be worried that we kept a man PUBLICALLY in custody without charging him because he was an 'enemy combatant'."

You should actually be more scared that your own fellow Americans AGREED...yes AGREED that this man should be held without being charged of an actual crime. I about crapped myself when I saw this on a CNN reader poll.
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249. Re: Expert Marksman? Jul 6, 2002, 17:37 anon@64.219

#246 How about this?

"Other Yukos officials said the move was largely symbolic and it is still far too expensive for them to ship large amounts of crude to American consumers."

"Unlike Middle Eastern oil, for example, most Caspian oil is hard to extract, requiring complex machinery, expensive technology and massive infrastructure development. To reach its potential of 6 million barrels a day by 2020, oil analysts believe the Caspian will need another $30 billion to $60 billion in foreign investment."

The whole point here is that the oil corporations control the government's reactions to world events and even creates them sometimes for it's advantage and as long as they have invested billions of dollars in technology to drill for oil, we will never see alternate sources of power like hydroelectric or solar take off. And as long as that never happens, we WILL ALWAYS HAVE A NEW WAR.

....and you can't accentuate undereducated with a hyphen it doesn't work that way....
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428 Replies. 22 pages. Viewing page 9.
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