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Return to Castle Whatsis

A post on XGR outlines the changes that will be made to Return to Castle Wolfenstein to allow it to be released in Germany. Citing "my source over in Germany," they report, the German version of the game will have "replaced the Nazis with a cult called The Wolves" and "renamed Heinrich Himmler to Heinrich Höller." Update: A post on Shacknews quotes is CEO Todd Hollenshead who basically confirms the story, going on to explain the fairly obvious reasons behind the move.

84. Re: Congratulations, you're a dumba$$ Dec 12, 2001, 15:10 anon@216.231
Since I prolly shouldn't have started this whole thing by replying to someone else's stereotypical attack on Southerners; I'm gonna keep this short, and get back on topic.

Reading the subsequent thread regarding the history of the South, I see that revisionist history has permeated public schools to the point of heightening slavery as the prime cause of the succession. You touched on (but downplayed) the real reason... and the reason many are opposed ot the banning of the Confederate flag in tax-supported areas - the encroachment of the rights of the individual states by the federal government. But apparently, my "fellow Texan" did not fully grok his "Texas Secession" history. But I'm not going to go there.

To get back on topic, I lived in Berlin for several years. While I agree wholeheartedly that Nazism and its related forms of racist extremism are evil and must be discouraged; I also believe the Bundes-whatevers (various government divisions) take this too much to the extreme. Besides, the laws aren't stopping the proliferation of either the ideals of these groups, nor even the sale of items containing such rhetoric or history.

While in Berlin, I was able to walk ot take the U-Bahn (subway) to Brandenberger Tor (Brandenberg Gate... that really cool gate you see in New Year's celebration pix from Berlin) and buy Nazi daggers, pins, coats, etc from the street vendors in the markets. You just have to look for the small table behind the vendor covered with a cloth.

Anytime there is a shortage of something, that will become in greater demand. The ban on Nazi paraphernalia, etc, has actually created a higher demand as humans are affected by this little characteristic we all seem to have (desire for more information). Well, not ALL of us have it... some simply choose to listen and accept rather than study... they're usually called "liberals" or "sheep".


Reading various posts on USENET or "listening" in IRC, I noticed an immediate outcry from those in .de for a copy of the American "pure" version of RTCW... not just because they wanted a pirate copy to play while they were waiting for the release in Europe, but more because they wanted that which was "illegal". Many of the discussions I saw were to the effect of "I want the Nazi version even if I cannot play it online... I'm gonna buy a legit version so I can play online... but I want the real thing for the novelty of it and because I cannot have it here".

I just think the policy in general is having the opposite effect from that which the German government desires. Do I have a solution? Not really, because I haven't been tasked to really think about it... but I am certain this all-out ban is ineffective, unenforceable on a large scale, and when it comes to a game... just plain stoopud, heheh.
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