Goretest2 Announcement

The Gore First Website has a post by 4D Rulers' Joel Huenink announcing that "After a long hard summer, Goretest2 is almost ready." Joel goes on to describe the changes they've implemented into Gore, their upcoming first-person shooter, based on feedback from the first multiplayer test release, which includes the following: "Levels have been enlarged, effects turned up, textures brightened, artwork improved, chrome and pulsing dynamic lights added, sound effects improved, gave weapons more “oomph”, fixed the dry feel the players had..." He goes on to describe the difficulties employing dynamic lighting provided, the detailed new characters, the several new gameplay modes they've implemented, and changes to the game's editor. Getting to the subject at hand, he outlines what's to be included in the second Gore test release: "Goretest2 will have 3 levels (only one from the original demo and 2 brand new levels), 4 characters (2 UMC characters and 2 MOB characters), all the weaponry from the first demo and half a dozen new weapons," goes on to offer the plan for its release: "As long as everything goes well, it will come out this week," and caps things off by pointing out there are three new screenshots of Goretest2 on the screenshots page.
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Oct 16, 2001Oct 16 2001
Oct 16, 2001Oct 16 2001
Oct 16, 2001Oct 16 2001
Oct 16, 2001Oct 16 2001
Oct 16, 2001Oct 16 2001