Mystery of the Druids Q&A

Who are these Druids, and why are they hugging our trees? This is one of the questions that will not be answered in the Mystery of the Druids Interview on BonusWeb, but it does cover lots of detail about this adventure game as it discusses it with Tobias Schachte of House of Tales. Topics covered include the founding of this German development company (this is a Czech gaming site, but the conversation is translated into English), the reasons for the Druid theme in their debut game, the ability to play as multiple heroes, the two eras in which the game is set, the advantages of using a 3D engine, going on to discuss some specifics about what the interviewer feels are some of the game's good points and bad points ("Do I smell? I smell home cooking!").
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Oct 1, 2001Oct 1 2001
Oct 1, 2001Oct 1 2001