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More on the WTC Disaster (Updated)

Of course this is not game related (we do not expect to be doing any further game coverage today), but with the legit news sites being almost impossible to access at times today, we've been getting loads of requests for more information about what's been going on. Here is the latest as of about 9:00 PM EDT:

  • President Bush addressed the nation 8:30 PM EDT. Here's a wire report: WASHINGTON (AP) - A grim-faced President Bush condemned ghastly attacks in Washington and New York on Tuesday and vowed to "find those responsible and bring them to justice." In the second Oval Office address of his presidency, Bush said the United States would retaliate against ``those behind these evil acts,'' and any country that harbors them.

To recap:

  • In two separate attacks, hijacked planes struck both main towers of the World Trade Center in Manhattan this morning, and both of the "twin towers" subsequently collapsed.
  • A hijacked plane struck the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. and part of it has collapsed as well.
  • A hijacked plane crashed in western Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh. Reports indicate the hijackers planned to crash this plane into Camp David in Maryland.
  • 47 Story WTC building seven, one of the five (relatively) smaller buildings in the World Trade Center also later collapsed from ancillary damage.
  • The White House, the Pentagon, and the Capitol Building were all evacuated, all domestic flights in the US have been grounded through at least noon tomorrow.
  • Other closings include most federal offices, the stock markets, the Disney theme parks, and the cancellation of today's Major League Baseball schedule. The President's speech announced that all federal agencies will be open for business tomorrow.
  • Broadcasts out of Afghanistan showed evidence of missile attacks and antiaircraft fire, but what connection this has to today's apparent terrorist attacks in the US is not clear at this point. The US has denied involvement in these attacks.
  • In the first hints of any sort at the scope of casualties, the New York City Fire Department has estimated that as many as half of the 400 firefighters dispatched to the scene are missing. CNN has said that 78 Police officers are missing. Also, the death toll from those on the four hijacked planes has been placed at 266. The number of dead and injured at the Pentagon has been widely reported as about 100. No estimates of the number of victims from the World Trade Center have been made.
  • People throughout the United States have are being urged to donate blood to help offset significant shortages in New York and Washington. The American Red Cross in Greater New York or the American Red Cross are places to contact about donating blood or money, or both.
  • Some news sites seem to be back online. Here are some links that have been more reliable:;; Yahoo; The New York Times;;;;; MSNBC; and BBC News Online.

All of our thoughts go out to the victims of these attacks and their families and friends in what must be an incredibly difficult time.

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174. 10,000 die Sep 11, 2001, 16:02 philihp
so it goes

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173. Re: Kill 'em all Sep 11, 2001, 15:56 anon@24.5
When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, 2,400 US Servicemen (military) died because of their cowardly task.

So far the attack on the WTC alone, over 10,000 have died. These persons were not military, they were civilian. They did not sign to put their lives in danger.

This was done by foreign nationals both overseas and here in our own country. I hereby recognize that I no longer welcome any foreign national into my country. You are now under suspicion. I will trust you never again. You have abused my gifts to you. May you pay with your life.

An Eye for an Eye!
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172. Re: So where now ? Sep 11, 2001, 15:55 KaRRiLLioN
Not only that, but I never recall seeing US Citizens dancing in the streets and giving candy to each other. Most of us were pretty disconnected from the war anyway since it was more like a TV show than anything. I also doubt that thousands of civilians were killed. If they were, more's the shame on Saddam Hussein for using them as shields, as most terrorists do. Hiding behind a wall of women and children is very cowardly.

#170, do you really have a clue as to what you're talking about? I know the US got involved in Kuwait because of oil, but we were also ASKED to help them by a coalition of Arab nations. Whenever Iraq tries fight against the sanctions imposed upon it by the U.N. and Arab nations, we shoot back. I think perhaps that a bit more studying on your part would do you good. I think you'll also find that the US didn't launch the first attack at terrorists. They just hate us anyway.

This comment was edited on Sep 11, 16:01.
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171. Look out cowardly terrorists... Sep 11, 2001, 15:55 anon@66.136
You fuck with the bull, you get the horns!

By the way, I want to disassociate myself from the Americans who are posting here and issueing a blanket condemnation of all foreigners. As an American, I and most other Americans are grateful for the expressions of sympathy and support from our German, British, and other EU friends. I must say I am genuinely perplexed by some of the vitriolic comments regarding how evil the United States is from some of the European postings here! Why do you hate the US so much? You do not think we deserve revenge for an act of war that has caused possibly 40,000 casualties!! Do I have to remind you that WE are not the ones who attacked and killed tens of thousands of people?!? So why are you attacking us? I feel sorry for those of you who think like that...

But in the meantime, we're sharpening our swords. This will not go unanswered.
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170. Burn em all - not Sep 11, 2001, 15:54 anon@130.233
All of you jerks (pardon my french) crying out for vengeance should take a moment to consider how the people of Middle East feel when USA sends swarms of missiles and bombs that way whenever the heck they feel like it, for no apparent reason other than a hunch that "Saddam must be up to something since it's been all quiet for a month". If you couldn't see that coming, you should open your eyes and see the real world. How long did you think those ah-so-remote nations would tolerate USA flexing the superpower muscle? I live in neither Middle East nor USA, so I have a quite objective view on this matter, and although no-one deserves what happened today, I can only say that "you get what you order". Now all that remains to be seen is whether USA can handle this issue as a civilized nation, or will they drag the world down in a display of primitive rage and retribution.  
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169. Retaliation Sep 11, 2001, 15:53 anon@4.21
Right now we need to pull together, mourn our dead, and help the survivors as best we best can...donate blood, I'm sure the supply is dangerously low in the NY area already.

The best way for this country to retaliate is not through violence. The sun will still rise tomorrow, we will still be Americans, we will still be proud, we will still be a democracy, and most importantly we will rebuild (hopefully even taller and bigger towers).

To Those Who Did This:

Whatever the reason for this, it doesn't matter, you have not crushed our spirits, we will still prosper now and in the future, and we will always be free men and women.
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168. Re: To post a famous quote: Sep 11, 2001, 15:52 anon@65.100
"I just can't understand how the Palestinians are actually celebrating this. No matter how much they dislike us how can you celebrate this?"

For the simple reason that misery loves company.
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167. Re: So where now ? Sep 11, 2001, 15:52 Gojo
Some moron wrote:
"When we bombed iraik thousands of woman and children were killed,and americans were dancing in the street"

You can NOT compare this to the WAR with Iraq. That was a military operation against military targets. Civilians were NOT targeted (although sadly some were killed.)

Today's attack was a COWARDLY act of terrorism!

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166. Re: To post a famous quote: Sep 11, 2001, 15:48 anon@213.122
Exactly the sort of do good idiot I mean in my earlier post.

Rational thinking when perhaps 15000 people have been wiped out in one 'hit'.......... get a life.....

The abomb was pointless? The Japs deserved it PERIOD. Why don't you speak to any Jap POW. Lastly, perhaps the Japanese should have thought better about getting involved in the first place (but was too good to be true to wipe out the entire US navy in one swoop, putting Japan as one of the worlds dominant countries)

You wanna play the game.... pay the price if you fail....

One other thing speak to a Chinese historian about how nice the Japanese are.

Oh btw I have no religion...... Its a very outdated concept and creates far more trouble than it's worth.
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165. Re: So where now ? Sep 11, 2001, 15:47 anon@208.237
I think this is a tragedy, and I:m sorry for the innocent lives that were lost and those who suffer.But those responsable for this are not the only guilty.When we bombed iraik thousands of woman and children were killed,and americans were dancing in the street.American companys supply over 50 percent of the small arms to the world and are resposable for the deaths thousands of inocent people from from these weapons in third world countrys each year.If we want peace in our country, we need to be the peace maker in other countrys and stop arming,and exploiting them.  
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164. Re: To post a famous quote: Sep 11, 2001, 15:42 Gojo
"Go ahead, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Just be as stupid, ignorant, cruel and criminal as the attackers who did this to your people."

It's only human to be angry and want to strike back after an event like this. I'm thinking people are just blowing off steam when making statements like "nuke em all, let God sort em out."
The US is not going to strike back irrationally, but the people truly responsible will be brought to justice.
I doubt we see a quick resolution to this.

I keep seeing those buildings fall on TV, can't get used to that site. Simply terrible. I just can't understand how the Palestinians are actually celebrating this. No matter how much they dislike us how can you celebrate this?
Doesn't do much for their cause.

This comment was edited on Sep 11, 15:45.

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163. I'm ready for combat ! Sep 11, 2001, 15:40 anon@24.202
I've just finished cleaning my railgun & rocket launcher.
Let's get those terrorist bastards !
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162. Pictures Sep 11, 2001, 15:38 Scythide
I live in a dorm down below Canal St. on the border of the financial district. I woke up today to this crazy stuff. I took a bunch of pictures out my window.
My condolences to everyone involved...

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161. Sympathy from the UK. Sep 11, 2001, 15:37 anon@213.122
I have been off work today sick, so have seen the entire thing unfold on the various UK/US TV channels.

Please accept my heartfelt sympathy for this atrocity and all those who it has affected.

I hope that the people behind this and their entire finance/command structure are found and killed (not just punished). A clear message needs to be sent to the middle east - this will not be tolerated.

I have had enough of the do good idiot minority shouting the loudest and pleading for tolerance and sympathy for these fanatics. Or asking for us to see it from 'their' side.

It is perhaps time that we had a bit of what some might call 'fanatical' action ourselves - genocide for the middle east. This planet would be a much more peaceful and better place without those countries/cultures/religion/people.

Believe it aint so.........? Go speak reasonably to the palestinians...... You wont last long............
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160. Re: To post a famous quote: Sep 11, 2001, 15:33 anon@195.247
>Last time some one did this much damage to the US we wound up flattening an entire city with a little thing called an A-Bomb.

Yeah... killing thousands of innocent people and leaving hundreds of thousands suffering from it up to today despite the fact that Japan was in no condition to continue the war. And because that was not enough there was a second A-Bomb, just to be sure that this damned thing works, I presume.

Go ahead, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Just be as stupid, ignorant, cruel and criminal as the attackers who did this to your people. I bet you feel much better when you see the pictures of all the dead und suffering people live on CNN (as soon as you know for sure who caused this, but wait, you have so many A-Bombs in your arsenals you might use them in Afghanistan, Palestina maybe even in Korea, China, Lybia, Columbia and some other countries just to make sure that you don't miss anyone).

I mourn the loss of live and I grieve with the families who lost their beloved ones, but I would like to see a little bit more rational thinking in this. Calm down and think of it. I was told many americans are religious, must be another religion like the ones I know.
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159. 911 Sep 11, 2001, 15:24 Apaullo
(9/11 - That's today's date.) And those hijacked planes were all California-bound - from Boston. The bastards wanted and got full tanks of fuel for maximum destructive effect.

This day had been planned for years, and our world will never be the same because of it. My condolences and prayers for all victims and families.

This sucks... everywhere.

Paul Hampton (a.k.a. Apaullo)
Winnipeg, Canada

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158. Re: Nostradamus BS Sep 11, 2001, 15:22 F1
I would like to agree with you, and I am NOT getting all googlely eyed over Nostradamvs either, but...

It was ONE of the main, but FEW turning points of WWII for the Axis. You should read up a little bit more on your history.

Being prepared is better than filming from the WTC towers lobby area you know, that would be BAD.
Darwin's Theory will eliminate those who NOT the truly visionaries of this world, are you one? or are you a lost follower?

this Message was intead for ages 25+ and up. sorry kiddies.

~ForGoTTeN OnE~

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157. Re: War? Sep 11, 2001, 15:21 anon@134.226
I think that this act must be punished by any means possible. F*** Afghanistan and all these goddamn terrorists. We need to show the world that we won't take this kind of shit anymore.

Trolling or not, I think it should be pointed out to you that Afghanistan have actually condemned the attack.
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156. Re: Bombings Sep 11, 2001, 15:16 anon@195.247
>Well, at least we have a Republican president that's willing to listen to the military.

that's exactly what I'm afraid of.
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155. Unspeakable... Sep 11, 2001, 15:15 Magua
This is absolutely unspeakable...

The worst disaster / single attack to ever hit the USA. I think Pearl Harbor was only what... 4,000 casualties? I only hope... nay, I PRAY that the death toll estimate is way off on the high side...

My most sincere condolences to any and all who were close to people in this massacre...

- Magua, now forever changed by this attrocity...

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