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More on the WTC Disaster (Updated)

Of course this is not game related (we do not expect to be doing any further game coverage today), but with the legit news sites being almost impossible to access at times today, we've been getting loads of requests for more information about what's been going on. Here is the latest as of about 9:00 PM EDT:

  • President Bush addressed the nation 8:30 PM EDT. Here's a wire report: WASHINGTON (AP) - A grim-faced President Bush condemned ghastly attacks in Washington and New York on Tuesday and vowed to "find those responsible and bring them to justice." In the second Oval Office address of his presidency, Bush said the United States would retaliate against ``those behind these evil acts,'' and any country that harbors them.

To recap:

  • In two separate attacks, hijacked planes struck both main towers of the World Trade Center in Manhattan this morning, and both of the "twin towers" subsequently collapsed.
  • A hijacked plane struck the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. and part of it has collapsed as well.
  • A hijacked plane crashed in western Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh. Reports indicate the hijackers planned to crash this plane into Camp David in Maryland.
  • 47 Story WTC building seven, one of the five (relatively) smaller buildings in the World Trade Center also later collapsed from ancillary damage.
  • The White House, the Pentagon, and the Capitol Building were all evacuated, all domestic flights in the US have been grounded through at least noon tomorrow.
  • Other closings include most federal offices, the stock markets, the Disney theme parks, and the cancellation of today's Major League Baseball schedule. The President's speech announced that all federal agencies will be open for business tomorrow.
  • Broadcasts out of Afghanistan showed evidence of missile attacks and antiaircraft fire, but what connection this has to today's apparent terrorist attacks in the US is not clear at this point. The US has denied involvement in these attacks.
  • In the first hints of any sort at the scope of casualties, the New York City Fire Department has estimated that as many as half of the 400 firefighters dispatched to the scene are missing. CNN has said that 78 Police officers are missing. Also, the death toll from those on the four hijacked planes has been placed at 266. The number of dead and injured at the Pentagon has been widely reported as about 100. No estimates of the number of victims from the World Trade Center have been made.
  • People throughout the United States have are being urged to donate blood to help offset significant shortages in New York and Washington. The American Red Cross in Greater New York or the American Red Cross are places to contact about donating blood or money, or both.
  • Some news sites seem to be back online. Here are some links that have been more reliable:;; Yahoo; The New York Times;;;;; MSNBC; and BBC News Online.

All of our thoughts go out to the victims of these attacks and their families and friends in what must be an incredibly difficult time.

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394. Re: From .ru Sep 12, 2001, 11:22 KaRRiLLioN
#279 my wife is Russian and we talk quite a bit about Russia's plight. If regrets could be harvested, Russia would be the richest nation on the earth. In fact Russia could be economically up to par if not more with the US but unfortunately your leaders, namely the Bolsheviks set back your country a century with the revolution and Stalin pretty much drove a stake into the heart of Russia by killing millions of his own ppl, driving out the intelligencia in the process.

The reason you may have so many rich people in Russia has more to do with the fact that the mafia runs the government and organized crime in control of a country that large is going to be very rich. In fact the Russian mafia has taken over the top spot of dangerous crime organizations.

As far as your generalizations about the last names of people in Silicon Valley, I would daresay that many of them have Indian, Pakistani, German and a large variety of last names. The US is a country built on immigrants, and it is still our strength today.

Unfortunately Russia has a long way to go and I wish her well. I love my wife dearly and if she is representative of most Russians, then I know you are a worthy and great people. But until you prove your resolve to the rest of the world, Russia will be considered a third-world nation by many.

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393. Re: Replies/2 cents Sep 12, 2001, 11:17 anon@65.165

You obviously have had your rationality comprimised by your political views. Your dislike for Bush should be irrelevant at a time like this yet it seems to be a central theme in your post.
You insenuate that Americans are cowards for attacking Iraq (a country that invaded a basically defenseless kuwait and is guilty of genocide against Kurds among other crimes) and suspected terrorist camps which are responsible for the butchering of innocent people.
You state that the terrorists that committed this attack are not cowards, which they are because they have deliberately attacked a civilian population.
You state that "The United States has killed more people than any other nation" which is wrong in any interpetation. That title would almost certainly fall to Stalinist Soviet Union, or Nazi Germany. You obviously are ignorant of history.
You state that the US should be nice to everyone. Are you completely naive or just stupid?
You speak as if the Palestinians are not guilty of any crime because of the creation of israel. Although I personally think the creation of Israel was a mistake, it is far too late to turn back now, and violence against civilians is NEVER acceptable especially in peacetime.
You say that the US could have avoided this attack by getting more invovled in the middle east. That is completely false, the terrorists who committed this (we know they are arabic now) oppose any invovlement by the US in the region. The extreme muslim fanatics who comitted this attack will not accept any peace agreement short of the dissolution of Israel which will never happen.

I think you are correct in condemning the hate mongers and irrational people on this board who are advocating nukes and carpet bombing. Their rage is understandable, and they are not able to rationally think through the event yet. If you actually think any president would carry through with such a plan (Even bush which you so clearly hate) then you are an ignorant person.

Even though I dislike Bush as well, his statement was fairly well reasoned and I think was appropriate.
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392. isolation Sep 12, 2001, 11:01 anon@194.205
now they say you lot are isolationist, but if you have the inclination to see how the rest of the world feels for you check out the BBC's 'talking points' section:

and you'll find the rest of the world does care about you, even in the middle east, where the 'crowds cheering in the streets' were an unpleasant minority.
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391. Re: Why this is and who we think we are Sep 12, 2001, 10:39 anon@206.140
America is flawed. America is matierialistic. America is racist, isolationist, and a thousand other things.

America, however, is also free. We are free to be flawed, to be matierialistic, to be racist (inasmuch as it doesn't hurt anyone else), and free to be an isolationist country, for better or for worse. We are free to choose which religion we worship, be it islam, judeaism, christianity, atheism, buddhism, wiccan, or discordi(fnord)anism. We have the choice to do what we want. Now if a person disagrees with these views there are ways for people to opine without causing mass destruction in acts of cowardice.

Now I agree with you, the men on those planes were not cowards. If they had been American men carrying out an order from their government, orders in which they would sacrifice their lives for their country. These men would be martyred and remembered through the history of our flawed country. The men on the planes that flew into the World Trade Center were not cowards, the were brave. The act itself, of a group of terrorist striking our world trade center and not identifying themselves. It is an act of cowardice to run up to somebody, hit them, and then run away and hide and not face the aftermath of your act.

Those terrorist on the planes either had a lot of bravery or were mindwashed. The terrorist that planned the attack are utter cowards not to own up to their act.

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390. What I find most disturbing... Sep 12, 2001, 10:36 anon@207.71
What I find most disturbing is the fact that there are about 3 to 5 countries in the middle east who believe that the destruction of the World Trade Centers was something to celebrate.

What the Terrorists have done now, is proven themselves, and those who support them, are not only indiscriminate in their killings, as most terrorist attacks are now, but proving to the world that all nations, not just the "Great Satan" will have to respond to this.

As noted in CNN, there are OTHER countries' citizens in the World Trade Center, Like China, Japan, Taiwan, the European Alliance and perhaps even Russia had citizens at the WTC. Terrorism, while not the best tactic in the world, should not be so indiscriminate in its actions. It should focus on its primary target. Unfortunately, the WTC attack proves now that not just America should respond, but the other nations as well.

Khadafi is smart in denouncing this attack, since he probably knows the fact that the WTC didn't just hurt America, it will provoke the other nations to strike back for this as well.
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389. Re: America first Sep 12, 2001, 10:14 jawajedi
I am well aware of the geopolitics, being lebonese I have a very good insight, It is well known that the varouis middle east countries knowingly harbor terrorists, and have for years with no action against them and even supporting them. Knowing the political situations there first hand, I am sick of the petty wars that have destroyed once such bueatiful lands. People cheering in the middle east over such tragedy, I would not feel sorry if the US reduced some of them to soot in order to drive it home that you dont screw with america or any other civilized country. I have seen posts about hate, anger, sorrow.

I was not joking, or not putting thought into it. I have traveled to many countries across the world, but the middle east just simply has failed with peace talks and has become a spawning ground of fanaticals that are in many cases openly supported by the people. The only thing that will drive it home that this childish, stupid behavior by these people would be the very real reality of a military/terroist faction being varporized. Perhaps then would they lay down their arms and work twords a real peace.

My saying "America first or get the hell out!" is very simple. 1. I love America, so do many others 2. If you are here and do not support, carefor, believe that the USA is the best nation in the world, then please pack up your stuff and go home.

Thank You,
after all this is a public comments section. take it with a grain of salt.

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388. Everything's F****ed ? Sep 12, 2001, 10:12 anon@203.173
I don't doubt that over the years the US has done and continues to do some f****ed up s***. Look at Kosovo. Look at Iraq. Look at the ill-informed retaliation to Bin Laden's first big terrorist act. The US kills innocent people all the time, and no one bats an eyelid. Does the US deserve an ass kicking? The government and military probably do. But nothing justifies what happened to the World Trade Center. My feeling right now is that leaders and armies and nations are, by and large, stupid and evil. But looking at the reactions of most people to this (apart from the morons calling for the nuking of the Middle East), I think maybe people are ok. If we can just survive the politicians and soldiers and fanatics, maybe we'll be alright. Here's hoping.

Peace and love and empathy.
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387. Re: Possessions? Important? Na.. Sep 12, 2001, 10:12 anon@24.184
To Forgotten One
I was posting a response to someone argument, stating that Russia is better and richer, bla bla bla. I didn't agree with him and was simply stating that the reason for Russian's having nicer cars and such is because they are cheaper there. He also stated that most silicon valley employees are Russian, agian I said that they chose to live and work in the US because life is better here then in Russia. Please don't insult me, because I've been reading the posts all day and you seem to keep stressing that point. So don't be a hypocrite......
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386. Re: Why this is and who we think we are Sep 12, 2001, 10:11 anon@213.84
to the poster of message 379: I couldn't have said it any better. It is horrible what has happened and I feel sad for those who died and are in mourning.

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385. We as a nation now must... Sep 12, 2001, 10:11 Dead_Cow
Having had some absorption time, I can now think clearly and say what I personally think we as a nation must do.

1. We MUST rebuild the twin towers. If they get blown up again, we must bebuild them again. Rebuilding the towers will turn the material act of destroying the buildings into an act of renewal. This does NOT refer to the loss of life, so don't think for a minute that I'm saying this will replace that.

2. We must honor the dead. I have never been so appauled at such a senseless waste of life. I hated having to explain to my children what happened yesterday.

3. We must maintain our stance as a peace loving nation, however, we must also, at the same time drop our relatiatory mentality to the level of the people that did this. Let me explain why I feel that violence on our part in this case is acceptable. While it's true that violence only begets violence, sometimes, fear is the only thing that that a violent mind comprehends. An attack on certain countries or areas might not strike fear into the people that did this, it will ceratinly strike fear into SOMEONE. They are the ones we need to have step up and say "This group did it, and here is where you can find them, now please stop your unrelenting attacks on us!!" THAT is the kind of response that needs to be culled from other countries. We already have the moral support of many countries. I suggest we take full advantage of that support. If a murder was committed, and I harbored the criminal, I would expect the law to come down on me every bit as much as they did on the criminal. By allowing them sanctuary, or hiding them, I am approving of what they did. On the whole, I do not advocate violence as an answer, however, we can NOT sit back and allow this to happen to us. I want other terrorist groups to say "remember the attack on the U.S. in 2001? The world trade center incident??" and instead of "yes! what a glorious day it was!!" their response should be "Yes, it's unfortunate that we no longer have a country to live in ourselves". I would EXPECT this same attitude if the U.S. were harboring a person or group that had done this to another country. I would EXPECT that we would either turn over the perpetrator for justice, OR face the consequences, so before you people sit there condemning OUR violent behaviour in this situation, look at what has happened, and realize that we have EVERY RIGHT to totally annihilate whoever did this, including the people that are harboring them, for they are JUST as guilty, and I hope the world joins together in one unified front to crush into nothing the people who are responsible for this. This is an extreme act against the U.S. that calls for extreme countermeasure.

One final comment. There is NO extreme sect in the entire world that is good, religeous or otherwise. I see them as the bane of all that is likely wrong with the world. This applies to ALL religeons/ extremeist groups. EVERYWHERE. Not just the middle east, although they seem to be the most passionate about their beliefs. You cannot force your beliefs and wills on someone and expect them to see your actions as just. Opposing viewpoints/ stances are expected, and perhaps even benficial as it allows people to feel like they belong to something greater than just themselves, however, when that viewpoint begins affecting others outside of your group, then that group needs to be quelled.

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384. Re: USA got what it asked for Sep 12, 2001, 10:03 anon@24.184
Ti, durak!
I'm Russian as well and I live in New York City. I don't what the problem is with you Russian OTB's (meaning, Off the Boat) but this country does not choose to interfere unless it has to. For example in world war 1 we joined in because our ships kept getting attacked (not just one). In world war 2 our own naval base was attacked. In the middle east, our allie, ISREAL (thats how you spell it) decided they wanted out help and in exchange we get thiers. Russia's and Europe's education is greater but not University wise. High school and grade schools are the only schools that are more advanced but some how when US students go to college they seem to become equal to europeans. I have a bunch of Russian and European friends at my University and I help them with hw, not the other way around (maybe because im Russian that makes me smarter? not). The point is, your statement is just horrible and unfair for someone who has never experienced living in a society such as mine (especially new york, which is like a whole new country). And yes our president isn't the greatest but he is still compitent enough to realize what actions have to be taken and on what level. So please if your going to hate a country you don't understand (obviously) do it in private. And be more simpathetic to all the INTERNATIONAL lives that were lost, after all the WTC housed office for companies all over the world. And like I said before, the Russian's in Silicon Valley chose to work in a America for a reason and most of them are first generation, like me. Dasvidania piedaras. be more open minded.
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383. Germany is shocked!!! Sep 12, 2001, 09:52 anon@217.88
Hi all,
i just want to say, that whole germany is totally shocked about that terrorism act.
I heard of it from people on the streets (i live in Germany in Frankfurt am Main), all were shocked and so was i.
I hope as soon as possible these terrorists will be found an taken to prison for such horrible act.
Beside i hope that president Bush will react wisely and doesnt bomb down any country only because of revenge.
This would become a very dangerous situation in the whole world.

Best wishes and my heart feels with all of the americans,

yours Stefan Kunz
Frankfurt, 12.09.2001
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382. Re: Terrorism in Games Sep 12, 2001, 09:42 anon@194.128
This is the same kind of knee-jerk reaction that people jumped on over the school shootings - people kill people, games don't make people kill...

People (and I use the term loosely) who kill, maim and perform these despicable acts of violence are sick in the head, not from playing games, watching movies or reading books.

Religion is often the cause of these acts of terror, do we call to ban that ? No, and why ? Because that would be stupid. Think about it.
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381. Re: Terrorism in Games Sep 12, 2001, 09:40 anon@207.2
>Would any sane person enjoy playing a game where
>you are a rapist or child molester?

Depends on if in the next round you're the guy that get's to unload an auto-shotgun into the bastard. The game doesn't glorify terrorism. It's just a game. Should I stop playing chess because it's racist in nature? Why does white get to go before black?

Love others.
Stop attacking the game industry.
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380. REBUILD THE TOWERS!! Sep 12, 2001, 09:32 anon@66.136
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379. Re: Why this is and who we think we are Sep 12, 2001, 09:30 anon@207.2
There were people of almost every race and religion in the World Trade Center. I am amazed that everyone isn't outraged by this.

Tourists from all over europe died yesterday. Business men from all over Asia died yesterday. Dignitaries from Africa died yesterday.

A christian, a jew, a muslim, an anarchist, a wiccan, an atheist, and a voodoo minister walk in to the world trade center. There is no punchline. Just the hollow memory of people we loved and people we never got the chance to know.

The trade center was as diverse as america itself. I don't care who you are or what you believe, but the wholesale slaughter of innocent people is nothing to balk at. I would feel the same way if a flight of F-16s with Israeli pilots had torched all of the gaza strip, or if American B-52's carpet bombed a factory and all outlying buildings.

To say that those who commited this act and those that are harboring them are just as guilty just makes yesterday's attack valid. They want us to stoop to their level and get our hands dirty in their "holy war" or whatever they want to call it.

Our vengence isn't any better than their cleansing. If we really want revenge, then we should do the right thing. The civilized thing: Find them, Put them on trial, and have them condemned by their own people, race, and/or religion for the horror that they have wrought on their fellow man, and then have the executed.

Arabs may have had nothing to do with this attack. But it is more likely that one arab individual has. He doesn't speak for all arabs. Just like I don't speak for all middle-class white males.

I do think that we all know yesterday was a tragedy. It would have been a tragedy had it happened anywhere. Moscow, Bejing, Riyadh, Tehran, Baghdad, Paris, London, Cairo.

Innocent life has been taken. No cause in the world supports that.

Love others.
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378. The Events Sep 12, 2001, 09:19 Hooner
I hope justice is served and that the web page below is NOT, what will occur in the next month or so!!!
Stay strong people, dont let crisis overcome and devour society and minds, keep things in perspective....

*Tasteless Joke image removed (Again)*
We continue to tolerate opinions, but leave the attempts at humor out of it please.
This comment was edited on Sep 12, 09:36.
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377. Terrorism in Games Sep 12, 2001, 09:18 anon@195.252
In the wake of yesterday's tragedy, the declaration of war by international terrorists against all civilization, how can anybody in their right mind keep playing or supporting games which feature terrorists in a favorable role? Playing a terrorist in a game still provides some kind of understanding, if not support, for the terrorists. Players taking on that role, acting like terrorists, can and does create sympathy. A lot of people play terrorists, taking hostages and blowing up buildings, never ever realizing the true meaning of such acts of terror. As an example, Counter-Strike is one of the most popular online games, making half of all its users play as terrorists! If anything, the terrorist assault on America has shown that terrorists belong to the very worst kind of inhuman humans, right among those who rape and molest children. Would any sane person enjoy playing a game where you are a rapist or child molester? Playing a terrorist, a killer of thousands of innocent people, is not different at all! So now that terrorism has shown its true face, it's about time to reconsider your attitude towards such games, players should boycott games featuring such terrorists as a good and/or playable role, developers should cease making or start altering such games. The aforementioned Counter-Strike modification for Half-Life, being the current leader in multiplayer games, should probably lead the movement and shut down its servers until an update replaces the terrorists with a more appropriate type of player character. Again, playing a terrorist is just like playing a rapist or child molester, show no sympathy and certainly don't support them with your games...  
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376. funny thoughts Sep 12, 2001, 09:14 anon@207.136
hehe. we taught osama bin laden how to terrorize so that he could terrorize hussein. read about the iran-contra affair in all of it's glory, then move onto how and why hussein was sold weapons by america (these are closely linked together, go fig with all of our meddling in world affairs) to my knowledge, the seals/rangers/whatever go in, do a job and leave, but the army special forces goes to a country and teaches dissidents how to disrupt a government through terror tactics. oh, then we abandon the dissidents to the better equipped local government. so america does deplorable acts in other, and our own, country, and we have the nerve to wonder why the rest of the world really dislikes (and hates for a lot of countries) us. and depite all of this, my heart truly goes out to the families left behind.  
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375. Admins unite! Sep 12, 2001, 08:48 anon@209.192
This is the post I put up on my cs servers web page...I would advise a simaler action by all simaler game server admins!
"Im sure that you all are well aware of the situation across our country right now. I would like to take the time to send my condolences, and prayers to every American today. This is truely an incredibly sad day..... I fear for the people that died yesterday, I fear for the hundreds of people that may still be alive in the devistation that has been left behind...and most of all I fear for the people that are alive, and have to make the descions on how to deal with such an incredible act. I fear that the acts that ocured through out yesterday will lead this planet towards another great war...

Im shutting down the intercity cs server for the day today. This is to pay respect to the thousands of inocent lives that were lost in yesterdays great waste of life! This is not a time for playing games...this is a time for prayer...pray that wise men make wise descions that will alow us all to contiue on in some semblance of a life....

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654 Replies. 33 pages. Viewing page 14.
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