Graeme Devine on Quest

Fan site id Pro Quo has posted an audio recording of a workshop conducted by id Software's Graeme Devine from last year's QuakeCon 2000 on the topic of Quest, the online game project that had already by that time been cancelled. They've posted this now because there has been quite a bit of speculation that some aspects of Quest are being put into Nerve Software's upcoming unnamed mystery project "based on an original design by id Software" (story). If that really is the case, however, it represents a change in plan by contradicting the very reason Graeme is so forthcoming about Quest details in his talk, as in the very beginning he says: "Quest is not coming out... no one's gonna do it, so I can tell you all about it." The three and a half minute mp3-format recording indeed features details on the concept behind Quest and describes gameplay, and offers an explanation of how, contrary to popular belief, the online component would not qualify this as an MMORPG.
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