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Half-Life 2 in 2002?

The latest newsletter from Industry trade publication CTW has vague word of the possibility that Half-Life 2 will be appearing sooner than would be expected, considering the game hasn't ever even be officially announced. Here is what they had to report:

Half Life 2 in 2002?

The sequel to possibly the greatest game ever made - Half Life - is rumoured to be just six months away from completion, a senior US source revealed this week.

As just noted, Half-Life 2 has not actually been officially announced (story), and CTW's blurb admits this is a rumor (or rumour as they put it in the Queen's English), so keep your salt shaker handy in case this requires more than a grain of salt to digest.

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103. Re: No subject Aug 30, 2001, 09:35 anon@209.250
Blue Shift was short and easy  
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102. Re: No subject Aug 30, 2001, 05:05 anon@212.87
Its very easy to get past those turbines, go up the top, push the explosive crates down into the turbines and it blows the way through.

(PS. i completed BS wiv no cheats on hard mode in 4 hours)
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101. Re: No subject Aug 30, 2001, 04:52 Propagandhi
the mane man, thou art a moron:

A dev team can only grow so large, if you want a game to be a single experience rather than a bunch of fairly cool sequences smooshed together with no real theme then you can choc your dev team full o' as many mappers as you want, same goes for modelers... But if you want to make a game that is supposed to be better than Half-life, better than the game that many consider to be the best ever you can't just make as many gigantic maps as you possible can and then stick them together, you have to have a smaller team that can communicate easily and build off of each other's ideas.

Sorry for any typos, btw.. im tired as all hell

I eat pasta!
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100. Blue shift Aug 30, 2001, 00:32 anon@216.126
# 98
You don't need to cheat for Blue SShift. It was cake. Very good cake, but doable.
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99. Re: No subject Aug 29, 2001, 22:01 anon@4.33
Small brains, small solutions.  
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98. No subject Aug 29, 2001, 21:15 teh mane man
Here’s another thing, too.

I think it is impossible to beat Half-Life: Blue Shit without cheats (I spent ten minutes at my friend's house trying to find a way past these two turbines, and I couldn't find an alternate route or a way to turn them off). He then spent three hours with another friend after I left, looking for a way past the aforementioned problem. He did not find a cheat-free solution, so he put on God mode and ran right through. It wasn't to anyone's surprise when the map continued on from there (thinking it was a dead end at first).

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97. No subject Aug 29, 2001, 21:08 teh mane man
I didn't find Half-Life: Opposing Force as enjoyable as straight up Half-Life (of what little enjoyment I had).

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96. Half-Life ain't the best Aug 29, 2001, 20:57 anon@216.126
There is one game that is better than Half-Life, and that's HL:Opposing Force. Am I not right, Maggots!

I'm playing it right now, and it's breaking my balls into 4 different pieces! Valve should understand what's good about this game and then mimic it up the ass!
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95. No subject Aug 29, 2001, 17:03 teh mane man
How about opening your eyes and looking around for a bit. Not only would it be more beneficial if more of the team was working on Half-Life 2 (since more work could be done on more maps and maps that are bigger), but the bit about what I do know is truly assumption on your part.

If anything, I could be proved wrong about their focus.

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94. Re: No subject Aug 29, 2001, 01:40 exit(0);
teh mane man... where to start... it's obvious that you lack understanding on a number of points.

Valve has a number of teams working on separate projects. Half-Life related issues and mods are handled by one team. TF2 is one team. Half-Life 2 is likely one team. Lo and behold this lets Valve work on multiple things at once without losing clarity of focus.

Let me tell you something, you don't know a quarter of what you think you know, and half of what you do know is wrong. Chew on that. There's more going on behind closed doors in the game industry right now than you could ever know. Don't believe me? Why? Because you haven't heard about it?

Isn't that kind of the point?

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93. No subject Aug 29, 2001, 00:59 teh mane man
That was before. We are talking about the present.

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92. Ahhh, it was just like yesterday... Aug 29, 2001, 00:43 scruff
when valve delayed Half-Life for a year when it was nearly completed. A year and a half later we had an absolutely amazing game that blew people out of the water and still does. I wouldn't question the focus of a design firm that delays its products to make them better instead of releasing unfinished games. If that is a loss of focus, I wish every game company would "lose focus."

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91. No subject Aug 28, 2001, 22:58 teh mane man
I'll apologize if the context in which "seel was used.

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90. No subject Aug 28, 2001, 22:55 teh mane man

Yeah, whatever.

They can focus on a three year-old game, but can't focus on one of their games that is being developed. Let me tell you something: Nothing is ever under wraps. There is an insider in every company that had developed a big hit. Considering that I don't know how someone "just knew" that Quake 4 was in development for quite some time now (even though I am quite doubtful of that assumption), maybe someone can tell me how there is no vital information being leaked for the most respected company as of now (though it does not deserve the attention that other companies are more viable for).

Mind you, that the leak for development of Quake 4 was before Quake 4 was announced, well before I might add. Raven Software had to do something about it, too.

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89. No subject Aug 28, 2001, 22:48 teh mane man
I wasn't correcting anyone on their literary mistakes. I was just using a typo that someone committed.

And yes, I didn't have too much time to comment that day. Maybe if you understood the value of time, then you would kindly take some of your own and register a screen name.

As for my screen name: Yeah, I did that on purpose.

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88. Re: Blown away Aug 28, 2001, 20:53 anon@24.18
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87. Re: Greatest game ever? Aug 28, 2001, 10:50 Malengine
"those magazines are only good for the in game pictures and demo CDs- (if that) most of them went to E3 and they will tell you HALO was a "show stopper" but actually HALO had NO line in front of the 4 monitors!"

That's bullshit. You could barely get around the display because of the crowd. I gave up after waiting for an hour.. Medal of Honor had an enormous line too, but only on the last day.

Anyway, just so you know.

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86. Re: No subject Aug 28, 2001, 02:45 anon@64.217
" 'cames' " ... etc. etc.

Yo, "teh mane" , you are one to be correcting people's grammar...we all make mistakes, you just made yours spelling your screen name...and don't tell us you "meant to do that":) And I thought you said "Well I can't spend too much time commenting here." OK, whatever.

Anyway, you are right though about HalfLife being hyped and pimped before it came out. I preordered the game two months in advance because I had been reading two-three page previews on the internet, and they offered a promo where you could get a free t-shirt if you preordered it from EBX. Well, I never got the shirt, but by the 2 A.M. the morning after I picked up the game I totally forgot about it. Anyway...
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85. HL 2: All Your Mods Are Belong To Us Aug 28, 2001, 00:12 anon@61.9
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84. Re: No subject Aug 27, 2001, 19:51 anon@24.48
"You are as of now calling this the greatest game ever. I'll put $10 down that you'll call something else the best ever in, let us say, five years."

Sure, why not? What's wrong with that? My own personal "greatest game ever" changes over time, too--otherwise I'd still be calling Autoduel, or maybe Trinity, the best game of all time. Half-Life isn't my own personal all-time favorite, but I can certainly see why it would be for someone else. It was a damn good game. It still is.
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103 Replies. 6 pages. Viewing page 1.
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