DREDGE: The Iron Rig in August

Black Salt Games and Team17 announce The Iron Rig is coming to DREDGE on August 15th, adding a second DLC to DREDGE, the sinister fishing adventure. This will require the base game, and will add new equipment, new characters. and new hazards, headlined by the kind of mysterious ooze that rarely turns out to be good news. Here's the Steam Listing, a Release Date Announcement Trailer, and some details:
As the drilling operation on the rig intensifies, something stirs in the primordial depths. A dark liquid begins to seep into familiar and once-safe areas of the game, transforming them into perilous zones. Players must carefully assess the impact of this mysterious substance on local fish species, unveiling peculiar specimens from the abyssal depths as they go about adding more than 50 new fish to the game’s encyclopaedia. The Iron Rig expansion adds a new tier of fishing equipment, as well as new characters to interact with, new hazards to overcome, and new world events and lore to uncover.
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Jun 10, 2024, 16:55
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Jun 10, 2024, 16:55
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Unpopular opinion: Dredge was the most disappointing game I've played in ages.
It's not unpopular. Care to provide a reason?

Mostly, I felt that the player had no influence over the game. You went to point A when the plot said to go to point A. You went to point B when the plot said to. You caught fish A in spot A and fish B in spot B. You found resource A in resource spot A. It didn't feel like I was actually exploring, it felt like I went to the prescribed point on a very rigid map and did exactly what the game wanted me to at that exact time.

Most games like that fill the map with side quests and other activities to create variety. Generally, a company like Ubisoft or CD Projekt Red has the budget to develop such a comprehensive game. However, a small indie studio might have to focus primarily on the main narrative. Does that change your view of the game? 🙂
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