Kingdom Come: Deliverance II Announced

Warhorse Studio announces Kingdom Come: Deliverance II, delivering on this morning's leaked news of plans for a sequel to the 2018 action/RPG. That leak was the early release of this Official Announce Trailer with a cinematic introduction to life in the middle ages that concludes with a 2024 release window. There's also an Official Game Reveal Video where actors and developers discuss the game while hanging out in a cathedral (like you do). Word is that while this is a true sequel, it will also be completely friendly to newcomers. Here's more:
Diving back into the heart-pounding world of 15th Century Bohemia (Central Europe), Kingdom Come: Deliverance II picks up where its predecessor left off, thrusting players into the shoes of Henry, the steadfast son of a blacksmith embroiled in a tumultuous tale of vengeance, betrayal, and self-discovery.

In this gripping sequel, players will traverse a meticulously crafted medieval landscape, from the humble confines of a blacksmith's forge to the grandeur of royal courts, all while navigating the treacherous currents of a kingdom torn apart by civil war.

Across two new maps - double the size of the previous game - players can explore the beautiful and diverse Bohemian Paradise (a real-world location you can still visit in the Czech Republic) from the majestic Trosky Castle to more urban environments such as the silver mining town of Kuttenberg (a Unesco World Heritage site).

With over five hours of immersive cutscenes narrating Henry's journey, players will find themselves captivated by the unfolding drama at every turn.

The combat system of Kingdom Come: Deliverance II has been revamped to make it more accessible while staying true to its nature as a depiction of real medieval martial arts. From elegant swordplay to deadly ranged attacks, such as the newly added crossbows or early gunpowder weapons, players will be able to fight like a true medieval knight.
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Apr 19, 2024, 20:03
Re: Kingdom Come: Deliverance II Apr 19, 2024, 20:03
Apr 19, 2024, 20:03
RogueSix wrote on Apr 19, 2024, 13:54:
Never got past the free weekend. I remember you had to run some chores (clunky as fuck) for daddy and then you had to go beat up the village idiot or some dweeb like that which was the clunkiest shit melee combat I have ever experienced in any game with a budget north of $1,000. Uninstalled, never looked back. Good riddance to KCD.

I might give a free weekend of part deux another chance but my expectations are extremely low.

I can understand that opinion. However I would urge you to try again and play it through that whole story/tutorial intro area and give it time to really show its qualities. Once you learn more about fighting and get a horse and can go anywhere the game really opens up (no pun intended). I know that isn't something that should be required of a truly great game, but it does reward patience. That is if you are interested in playing what is essentially a simulator of that time period, I admit that isn't for everyone. I thought it was clunky at first too, and it is in areas, but I think part of it is they are trying to make everything as realistic as possible, not necessarily as smooth as possible. It is more forgivable in that situation, in my opinion. For example riding a horse is clunky as hell, but I imagine it would be in real life going fast like that across crazy terrain. My character sometimes tilts to the side like crazy while riding around trails.

As for the melee, it is messy, but I think it is fun because of that. I had some pretty long drawn out first fights in the beginning and you could hear me and the other guy getting exhausted as our health and stamina depleted. Of course now I just stab people while I sic my dog on them. Armed combat gets real dicey, literally. I have died several times because I came across several men in the woods at once, instead of the one or two I thought it was from a distance. You really do need to attack from several different angles as well as defend from others. Archery is in my opinion so much more difficult just not having a reticle and having the aim sway a bit, I miss constantly when hunting because of it.

I really can not say enough good things about this game since I am currently absorbed in it. The graphics look amazing on high and it has great looking environments. The woods look fantastic and torches look amazing in towns and homes at night when they cast shadows all over the place. For as many hours as I have played I still have no idea how to use a grindstone or alchemy. My eyes just glaze over when I look at the in game instructions on alchemy, I still haven't attempted it yet. I have been busy playing dice against cheaters. I know because I pickpocketed his dice after.

I have already spent too much time outside of the game!
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