Battlefield V Anti-Cheat Update This Week

An X from Battlefield Comms reveals plans to update Battlefield V on Wednesday with the latest form of EA anti-cheat protection (thanks DSOGaming). This shows a surprising attention to fair play considering this installment in the military shooter series launched over five years ago. Word is if you want to keep cheating you'll have to avoid exiting the game forever: "You will need to restart your game to benefit from the changes of this Client Update." For details, the post refers to the official website. There you will find reassurances about this impact this will have on player's systems:
Will EA anticheat degrade gameplay?
No. We’ve conducted extensive internal and independent performance and stability assessments to ensure EA anticheat is as performant and lightweight as possible. EA anticheat will have negligible impact on your gameplay.

Does EA anticheat run when I start my PC, or only when the game is running?
EA anticheat only runs when a game with EA anticheat protection included is running. All anti-cheat processes shut down when the game does.

Does EA anticheat stay on my PC if I uninstall Battlefield 2042 or Battlefield V? Can I uninstall it if I want?
If you have uninstalled all of your EA games that have EA anticheat protection, EA anticheat will automatically uninstall and remove itself from your PC. It can also be manually uninstalled by you at any time you choose and will be completely removed from your PC.

Please note that if you uninstall EA anticheat , any games that require EA anticheat protection (like Battlefield 2042 or Battlefield V) will not be playable until EA anticheat is reinstalled. If you would like to reinstall EA anticheat we’ve made it as easy as possible to do so, with simple prompts in the game launch process.
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Re: Battlefield V Anti-Cheat Update This Week
Apr 1, 2024, 00:20
Re: Battlefield V Anti-Cheat Update This Week Apr 1, 2024, 00:20
Apr 1, 2024, 00:20
This might actually make me reinstall BFV (if it actually works). It was the rampant cheating that made me quit. Otherwise, it's a really fun game.
Mar 31, 16:39Mar 31 16:39
Apr 1, 00:20Apr 1 00:20
Re: Battlefield V Anti-Cheat Update This Week