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Happy Easter to all who are celebrating, and happy Sunday to those who are not. This holiday has an additional significance around here. Though it's been spring for over a week, when we moved a bit further north a few years ago we were warned that we should expect late winter frosts, and to never do outdoor planting until after Easter. Sure enough, we had frost last week, but the low in the forecast this week is 33°F for three nights in a row. Now that is one shockingly precise rule-of-thumb.

Obituary: Chance Perdomo, Gen V and Sabrina star, dies at 27. Thanks RedEye9.

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Re: OotB: Happy Easter
Mar 31, 2024, 13:42
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Mar 31, 2024, 13:42
Makes sense on the jalapenos and explains why I have lost any interest in store bought varieties. They're way too fleshy, more so than they ever used to be, and the heat, what little of it there was to begin with, has all but disappeared. Might as well eat a gods forsaken bell "pepper" now. I've noted they snap less and bend more, which makes them a little rubbery feeling.

I have been growing Costeno Amarillo peppers for a long while, harvesting them before they turn yellow. They've got a reasonable level of heat and have a great flavor to them. I'll process them (wash, cut lengthwise, and deseed) then pop them in the dehydrator. Once dried, I'll toss them in to the mortar and pestle and grind them to a really fine powder to sprinkle in to chili (without beans, naturally), stews, and even gravies when I want just a little kick.

The article mentioned tomatoes as well and that is important because it is a bellweather of what is to come for commercially produced vegetables. Most people don't know that the interior of a tomato should not be watery and the vast majority of store bought ones are. They should be gelatinous, kind of like Jello You should be able to cut through them cleanly without any oozing, spritzing, or squirting. Naturally, I grow heirloom varieties of those as well. San Marzanos are my main go-to because they are low acid. Then come the Bonny Best variety. The San Marzanos are great for everyday cooking and the Bonny Bests are good for cooking but most importantly canning.

Unfortunately, I think a lot of people are going to be settling for crap produce overall unless they start to grow their own.
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