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Play ball! That's right, today is opening day for Major League Baseball. According to ESPN the first pitch will be at 3:05 pm EDT. The Mets don't play until 1:40 tomorrow, by which time they will already be mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. Good times.

Obituary: Joe Lieberman, Longtime Senator and Anti-Video Game Crusader, Dies at 82.
Obituary: Daniel Kahneman- Nobel prize-winning behavioural economist dies. Thanks Max.

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Re: OotB: Play Ball
Mar 28, 2024, 16:41
Re: OotB: Play Ball Mar 28, 2024, 16:41
Mar 28, 2024, 16:41
Holy shit, what an emotional roller coaster of a couple days its been. My cat had her babies with the first arriving at 8pm Tuesday and the last arriving just after midnight - 5 in total. The next morning the father showed up and I let him in, she went at him hard and he fled. Okay, no to papa for a while. Then yesterday he shows up again, this time she lets him in. He's inspecting the kittens and then faster you can blink attacks - I am literally 3 steps away and have been watching him like a hawk. I scream at him, he bolts, she attacks me. Chaos for a minute I chase him out. The one kitten is dead and the other is hurt but I'm not sure if she's dying. Wrap them in towels and race down to the nearest vet but by the time I got there the other little one had expired. I'm so fucking angry at myself and sick with heartbreak over this. This is where it gets dangerous with guns around because if I had one on hand I probably would have shot him. And what kills me is I was just about to send him back out because it seemed he was getting a little too interested, then BAM! Motherfucker!

The other three are thankfully fine. The weirdest part about all of this is that the three that remain are black like him, but the 2 he killed were grey like there mother - she's a Russian Blue. I asked the vet about it and he said he doubted it meant anything, they were probably just closest to him. Males do that - sometimes not always - because they want the females to get back into heat ASAP so they can mate again. Well, if you're ever in a similar position my advice is do not let the father/a male anywhere close to them. I anthropomorphized him - a father would never attack their own babies - and that was a fatal mistake. Such a heartbreaker because the little grey ones were so pretty. I'm certain they would have been adopted first. And now I have to go bury them. Life over before it ever really began. Fucking nature, man. No good deed goes unpunished.

Edit: Oh yeah, and she's been mental as hell the last two days so my stress levels are through the fucking roof. Finally it seems she's calming down. She's taking good care of the babies. She's being super affectionate with me too.

Edit2: Oh yeah, and if you ever take in a stray, don't make my other mistake and wait. Get them to a vet ASAP and see if the need fixing and get it done. I'm just planning for this now. I have to get her vaccines done 2 weeks before the op. I wanted to get her laparoscopic spayed but they're asking 2 grand for it. Well, if I ever become a multi-millionaire I'll keep that in mind. They should be doing that shit cheap and making money on volume. If it were only a
$100 more than regular surgery everyone would pop for it.

"Van Gogh painted alone and in despair and in madness and sold one picture in his entire life. Millions struggled alone, unrecognized, and struggled as heroically as any famous hero. Was it worthless? I knew it wasn't."
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