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So yesterday mentioned we have plans brewing. This is something I alluded to last week when wishing my mother-in-law a happy birthday. We're heading down to Atlanta for the weekend to celebrate with her in-person. This will be our first time on an airplane since before the pandemic, so it carries an air of drama. Not many people look forward to flying, but we are happy about the chance to spend some overdue family time. The fact that it's about 30 degrees warmer there than here these days is another nice aspect of the plan. I picked up a bit of tech to help with updating on the road, as the market for portable monitors has blossomed since I last looked, and I was able to find a cheap second screen that connects effortlessly via USB. I hate the limited screen-size of working on a laptop, and this should help with that a lot.

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Re: OotB: Prescreened
Feb 23, 2024, 09:00
Re: OotB: Prescreened Feb 23, 2024, 09:00
Feb 23, 2024, 09:00
As a caveat, I am not a dog owner, but I am someone that has done a lot of research into how to have a good dog.

I'd say there are two types of people. One is the type of person to have no real experience, and have done no research beyond articles that stimulate preconceived biases, and the other is the type of person with very deep knowledge and experience.

For the former, stim collars are a disaster. Stim collars require significant training by the human to be used properly. For the latter, he has taken the time to learn what the dog needs and how the dog behaves.

But this also gets to what someone wants from a dog. For most people, obedience and good boy behavior. You do not need a stim collar for that. You likely need a prong collar, which is better for behavior correction than a stim collar. But then again, a lot of people just want "a dog" and stop caring beyond that.

If you're a genuine dog expert, you don't want simple obedience and good behavior, you want an amazingly trained dog that almost instinctively knows what your needs are. In this case, graduating the dog onto a stim collar is an excellent way to achieve it. You're not shocking the dog, and you're not buzzing them in a confusing manner. You're guiding them. But the dog needs to already be fairly well trained for it to work best, whereas a prong collar fairly instinctively works on nearly any dog when used correctly, calming them down and helping them be their best dog selves.

So yeah, if you have no idea what you're doing and just think you know dogs and stim collars, they're probably a disaster that creates distrust. But if you're an expert, it can basically help make you and the dog be one and the same, the way the best working dogs are but few house dogs are due to the time and effort it takes the owner to actually be an expert himself. And I think we all know that, when Burrito wants to be an expert in something, he tends to get there.
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