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So yesterday mentioned we have plans brewing. This is something I alluded to last week when wishing my mother-in-law a happy birthday. We're heading down to Atlanta for the weekend to celebrate with her in-person. This will be our first time on an airplane since before the pandemic, so it carries an air of drama. Not many people look forward to flying, but we are happy about the chance to spend some overdue family time. The fact that it's about 30 degrees warmer there than here these days is another nice aspect of the plan. I picked up a bit of tech to help with updating on the road, as the market for portable monitors has blossomed since I last looked, and I was able to find a cheap second screen that connects effortlessly via USB. I hate the limited screen-size of working on a laptop, and this should help with that a lot.

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Feb 22, 2024, 18:35
Re: OotB: Prescreened Feb 22, 2024, 18:35
Feb 22, 2024, 18:35
Cutter wrote on Feb 22, 2024, 18:03:
When I see people who put shock collars on their dogs - like my neighbor did - because they're too stupid, lazy, and cheap to get their dogs trained properly I want to seem imprisoned for several years and banned from ever owning any kind of pet ever again.

Then sign me up for prison and go ahead and try to ban me from ever owning a dog ever again. We used a Martin Systems stim collar based upon the advice of our trainer, a well regarded former MP K9 trainer and current service dog trainer. It's about as "shocking" as a TENS unit on a moderate setting at its highest setting. Never had to use a setting that high. My dog never yelped or whined but it certainly got her attention and helped sharply curb negative behavior. To the point she doesn't exhibit that behavior today. If I break out the collar today, she hustles up to sit at my feet with her ears up and forward and tail at a comfortable, at rest position. She loves training time and she immediately associates that particular collar with training time. It's fun for her. Because Mrs. Burrito had Meniere's Disease, hand signals were an absolute must. The stim collar helped my pup focus and learn those signals at a rate of about 4 a day with retention and recall. She can even piece together five signals in a row for a complex (for a dog) sequence of actions.

Are there shitty owners? Hell yeah there are. I'll never take my pup to a dog park because of them. But it is unfair to blame the tool for the shortcoming of the owners.
"Just take a look around you, what do you see? Pain, suffering, and misery." -Black Sabbath, Killing Yourself to Live.

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