Homeworld 3 Delayed Again

Blackbird Interactive xeets the news that Homeworld 3 has hit another snag in the space-time continuum, and is delayed again. Barely two months after announcing a March 8th release date comes news the sci-fi RTS sequel is now due on May 13th, with Early Access on May 10th. Here's the post, converted from image to text and from brutal all-caps to sentence case:
We hope you all have been enjoying your first-time going hands-on with Homeworld 3 during our public demo of war games.

Watching you share your experiences. Exchange and debate strategies, and give us constant feedback has been incredible. This was our first time seeing the game played at scale, which is always an equally thrilling and nerve-wracking moment.

We also recently gathered a dedicated group of players from outside our organizations to play through the full game. This resulted in additional insights and perspective that will be incorporated to make Homeworld 3 the best experience possible.

After careful analysis of feedback, we made the decision to delay the global launch of Homeworld 3 until May 13, with advanced access set for May 10, to ensure that we're making the final tweaks needed to deliver at the level of quality that we strive for and you deserve.

To say that you as a community of players have been waiting patiently for this next installment would be an understatement, and we are deeply appreciative of that. We will continue to keep you updated on our progress.

As always, you're welcome to send your feedback via social channels, the Homeworld Universe discord. And through our support page.

Thank you all for playing, and we'll talk again soon.
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Re: Homeworld 3 Delayed Again
Feb 9, 2024, 09:08
Re: Homeworld 3 Delayed Again Feb 9, 2024, 09:08
Feb 9, 2024, 09:08
Slashman wrote on Feb 8, 2024, 17:16:
People in general cannot handle a 3D game world for an RTS. I don't understand it but I've talked to a developer who was a big part of the Homeworld series and he confirmed that people just do not adjust to true 3D space. I've never had an issue with it but I'm in a minority...

I think this is important to highlight due to its veracity.

Homeworld stood out to me because it was a truly 360 degree sphere of interaction and I loved it. But, like Slashman, I am also in the minority. If you watch people long enough, you notice a pattern and it is not unique to humans. In fact, it is a pattern that is quite common in predatory species in environments that are familiar to them. Predators look forward and only occasionally do 180 degree sweeps from one side to the other. Less common is a backward glance unless something triggers that response. Even less common is looking up without stimulus. Rather, the focus is on a 180 degree half bubble in front with reliance on peripheral vision filling in the details above, below, left, and right. Unless you have stimulus, training, or are hypervigilant, the average person just doesn't actively consider themselves within a 360 degree sphere.

Getting someone to consider that and act accordingly required people to start thinking in ways that were uncomfortable and foreign to them. They're not used to that kind of spatial and informational processing which causes stress. They feel overloaded with the data since they're processing double the visual, auditory, and spatial information than they are used to processing, categorizing, and filing away.

It's so common that a phrase was invented to make people aware of this deficit. That phrase is "keep your head on a swivel". It was meant to teach people the concept of expanding their awareness to include potential threats from above, below, left, right, and behind them at all times.
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