Homeworld 3 Delayed Again

Blackbird Interactive xeets the news that Homeworld 3 has hit another snag in the space-time continuum, and is delayed again. Barely two months after announcing a March 8th release date comes news the sci-fi RTS sequel is now due on May 13th, with Early Access on May 10th. Here's the post, converted from image to text and from brutal all-caps to sentence case:
We hope you all have been enjoying your first-time going hands-on with Homeworld 3 during our public demo of war games.

Watching you share your experiences. Exchange and debate strategies, and give us constant feedback has been incredible. This was our first time seeing the game played at scale, which is always an equally thrilling and nerve-wracking moment.

We also recently gathered a dedicated group of players from outside our organizations to play through the full game. This resulted in additional insights and perspective that will be incorporated to make Homeworld 3 the best experience possible.

After careful analysis of feedback, we made the decision to delay the global launch of Homeworld 3 until May 13, with advanced access set for May 10, to ensure that we're making the final tweaks needed to deliver at the level of quality that we strive for and you deserve.

To say that you as a community of players have been waiting patiently for this next installment would be an understatement, and we are deeply appreciative of that. We will continue to keep you updated on our progress.

As always, you're welcome to send your feedback via social channels, the Homeworld Universe discord. And through our support page.

Thank you all for playing, and we'll talk again soon.
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Re: Homeworld 3 Delayed Again
Feb 8, 2024, 12:52
Re: Homeworld 3 Delayed Again Feb 8, 2024, 12:52
Feb 8, 2024, 12:52
Prez wrote on Feb 8, 2024, 11:00:
You're both pointing to anecdotal evidence which, while valuable in some respects, makes it impossible for either of you to represent the actual truth. Neither of you can know the actual truth - opinions of your circle of friends and acquaintances or the opinions of a vocal minority largely conditioned to hate everything don't and cannot show a consensus on anything. You're going by the opinions that represent an extraordinarily tiny fraction of what 'consensus' would actually constitute compared to the opinions of your inner circle or the posted opinions on social media which is geared heavily towards negativity. Because your perceptions will only be reality if by total accident, I would refrain from doing anything more than giving your personal opinion, and it is certainly not worth arguing over, but I am sure I am just pissing in the wind here.

I just want the game to be not just "ok" but great, and if that requires some feedback some people can't stand (or don't see truth or value in) then that is fine. Clearly BBI got the feedback they wanted from the demo as nobody had played the game prior to this. And if this results in a better game we all benefit.

And by the way, wishlists and pre-order are literally the only metric they have access to. Aside from game telemetry... so you are correct, it could also be massively dropped pre-orders <3
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