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Max Payne Gold

Both the Remedy Entertainment website (thanks HQH) and a .plan update by 3D Realms' Scott Miller give word that Max Payne has gone gold. As per the countdown that commenced earlier (story), the hard-boiled third-person action game is expected on store shelves towards the end of the month.

56. Re: Shipping with bugs Jul 20, 2001, 02:54 anon@216.86
You have been doing something equally inappropriate. I make statements relating to the state of PC gaming in general. You take those statements, and construe these statements as negative comments about Max Payne. I respond saying no, I am not saying this about Max Payne, I am saying this about PC games in general. Yet in your replies you call me a Max Payne hater and continue to accuse me of trying to bash 3DRealms, which I am not trying to do. You said I stated Max Payne is crappy because it is a 3rd person shooter or it didn't have multiplayer or something. I never did.

I don't appreciate having my statements being misconstrued. I don't like it when people say I am taking a position I am not. You have done all these things, to myself and other posters. No one in this whole discussion has said "Max Payne is buggy." No one in this whole discussion has said "3DRealms, Remedy, and GODgames can't make a fun game." Yet you have accused myself and others of saying this when all anybody has done has excersized a little (IMO healthy) skepticism because they have been burned by bad PC games before, and they want to be careful. Not because of anything they may have heard about Max Payne, 3DRealms, or whoever. Due of your false accusations, you, sir, are completely out of line. You are the one taking the giant leap of logic by writing responses to claims that were never made in this forum. You did so to vilify anybody who dared make a statement short of proclaiming the pure perfection of Max Payne. I can't find one negative comment in this thread about the game specifically, except for the guy who said it wasn't really his type of game.

Let me make my position clear, once and for all.

I think Max Payne will be a good, fun game. I think Max Payne will be relatively bug free. I don't know that Max Payne will be good or bug free because I have never played it, seen it played, or know anyone that has played it. Thus I won't buy Max Payne until I read some reviews of the game. If Max Payne is as great as people are claiming, that will bear out in the reviews and I will buy it.

I can't make my position any more clear than that.
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