EU Council Calls to Protect Culture in Video Games

The European Council announces it has "approved conclusions on enhancing the cultural and creative dimension of the European video games sector." Noting the video game sector "has great potential to transmit cultural content and highlight the value of the richness of European creation, heritage and history," the announcement sounds both positive and vague. The call to action for member states likewise seems constructive, but less than concrete:
In order to harness the great potential of video games in culture, economy and society, the Council calls on member states to:

  • support the creative and cultural dimension of video games, including the use of cultural heritage data in the creative process and the protection of intellectual property rights
  • help European video game enterprises to grow, innovate and have access to funding
  • attract and retain talent among video game professionals in the European job market
  • promote responsible gaming and ensure a safe online environment for video games

The Council also invites the Commission to:

  • promote equality in the video games sector to ensure gender balance and equal pay
  • encourage cross-border co-productions of video games between member states
  • support cooperation with other cultural industries and sectors of the European economy
  • boost the competitiveness of European video game companies, in particular SMEs

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