Nocturnal: Enhanced Edition Released

The Nocturnal: Enhanced Edition is now available for Windows on Steam, where this updated version of the action/adventure replaces the original game. This is a free update for previous owners. This is a ground-up redesign adding new features and content along with quality of life improvements and enhanced accessibility. Word is: "Nocturnal encourages challengers to brave its beautiful ruins with a host of optional trials. Those seeking the glory of a true challenge can enable a host of speedrunning features, like faster transitions, skippable cutscenes, and a pausable timer. Only the fiercest warriors will try their hand Permadeath Mode, where you only have one life to undertake the entire journey." A new trailer offers a look, and here are details on the update:
Indie developer Sunnyside Games, in partnership with Dear Villagers, is adding the final major update to their acclaimed flame-welding platformer Nocturnal today for PC. With a plethora of new features including updated optimization and accessibility features, conquer the Mist and use your fire to uncover what secrets lay hidden beneath it today.

This Enhanced Edition update adds:

  • A redesigned experience, from the ground up
  • A new extended moveset and talents tree with the ability to burn down everything (including 6 new active talents!)
  • Extended levels with brand new challenges
  • New enemies: The Swarm and Shielded
  • New accessibility feature to reduce the game’s difficulty
  • An additional 7 lore letters, and a new reading animation for lore items
  • New music and improved SFX
  • Visual and lighting enhancements, including new rooms and vistas, and Improved melee combat FX
  • Destructibles and new types of platforms
  • New level selection menu and U improvements
  • Global game rebalance to make the game more intense
  • Redesigned storyline and dialogue
  • New tutorials and tips in loading screens
  • Strong optimization improvements and a new performance mode accessible through the options menu

And a lot of smaller adjustments and tweaks to polish the experience.

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Re: Nocturnal: Enhanced Edition Released
Oct 6, 2023, 11:30
Re: Nocturnal: Enhanced Edition Released Oct 6, 2023, 11:30
Oct 6, 2023, 11:30
Xero wrote on Oct 5, 2023, 19:43:
The_Pink_Tiger wrote on Oct 5, 2023, 19:02:
Damn, I first read this as being an enhanced edition for "Nocturne", the 1999 action-horror game released by Terminal Reality. I'm usually against remakes and remasters, but in the case of that game I'd make an exception. I'd love to play that game again with updated visuals and various QOL improvements (especially with the controls)

Lol, same here man. Anytime I read Nocturn... I immediately think of Nocturne. I still don't understand how nobody has the license to throw it up on Steam or get an enhanced edition developed. I'd love to give it another go. (Pretty sure I have my disc copy hiding in the garage)

Similar thoughts for me, although I have to assume Nocturne is in ultimate licensing hell at this point, and will never get any kind of remake or GoG release. I remember my system struggling to get like 10 fps in that game back in the day, lol. I also wonder if it would seem like complete shit these days... the controls were horrible back then, probably only softened slightly by nostalgia glasses.

That said, this update looks pretty good for Nocturnal, pretty sure I have the game on GoG?
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