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Anarchy Online Update

The Anarchy Online Official Site now offers a post-release update that includes SSL registration for AO accounts and other details about their sci-fi themed MMORPG. Also, this page offers three manual patch downloads if you are having trouble with the auto-updates due to disconnects, etc. Applying all three of the patches they've posted will bring your AO installation up to version 11.5.

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15. Re: Everquest Jul 2, 2001, 10:33 anon@64.102
I was in AO beta 4 the past few weeks, and I can tell you it sounds like nothing has changed at all. Their spin on the problems then was "we're running in debug mode, that's why it's so slow". I never saw the in-game timer reach 20 minutes, it always crashed, booted me, or hung before then.

Technical issues asside, I think the game is really interesting and fun, the client is top-notch and the setting/scenery is very nice. Albiet, I've not been outside the cities yet (playing in 5 minute increments will do this to ya). I've heard not-so-good reports of the wilderness areas.

They have some great ideas ('leets', newbie grounds, missions, nano, treatment packs, apartments, color-bar for /con, MAP!, etc.). But if you are looking for a new MMORPG to play, I'd wait about 2 months before trying AO.

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14. Everquest Jul 2, 2001, 00:14 Todd
I guess AO does have more problems that transcend simple server overload. People could play Everquest since day one (or try to play it) without questioning the security of their account information. But I do expect them to have their act together in another two weeks, or else they're in trouble.

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13. Re: Everquest Jul 1, 2001, 17:11 anon@207.67
This is not the same as Everquest at all. The everquest problems were largely server load related and were easily fixed. The AO client has many serious bugs which make the game unplayable. Add to that the fact that the server side is slow and broken and you can see why it'll be months before AO is remotely playable.

Not to mention the lack of a secure server for credit cards on opening day.

The AO launch was botched. Big time.
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12. Re: Everquest Jul 1, 2001, 17:02 anon@64.166
And that'll happen here, too. Stop whining, babies. At least Funcom seems to have capable personnel. And at least they didn't do massive layoffs after the client release (Sierra anyone?).

All MMORPGs will be compared to everquest. But I tell ya, this engine blows away even the "improved" Luclin engine (yes, I saw it at E3, now be quiet). And the gameplay is significantly better than the standard Everquest camping.

If you like Everquest, go play it. If you like AO, give it a couple weeks before you rush to judgement. Hey, I'm STILL waiting for Tribes 2 to work.
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11. Everquest Jul 1, 2001, 16:46 Todd
I remember the first two weeks of Everquest. Sounds reminiscent of this situation. No one can play because it seems that the servers are unprepared for this many players. Though in Everquest's case, after the two weeks more servers were added and the game ran well. As a positive PR thing, they even refunded half a month's subscription to anyone who paid for the first two weeks. After a month, it was like the whole situation never happened and everyone forgot about it.

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10. Re: I'm an MMORPG Fan, but.... Jul 1, 2001, 15:10 Gunz
Anarchy Online is a total mess. As has been mentioned, it is close to impossible to get in the game and, once you manage to log on, you are lucky to play for more than 5 minutes without getting booted.

Rampant graphics glitches and show stopper problems, disappearing inventory items, odd NPC behavior, bigtime lag... I didn't know I was buying a beta when I plunked down $50 for the box and signed over my credit card number for another $13 a month. I really feel ripped off.

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9. Total Anarchy Jul 1, 2001, 14:53 anon@24.88
I agree with all of the above -- except for the one good response.The game simply does not work. I've been trying to play for 5 days now and manages to be in-game for no more than 2 hours.

If I could just get a response from the Funcom account folks about how to cancel my account, I'd take the game back for a refund.

What a mess. What a shame.

P.S. I watched a video about AO last week where the lead designer was giving a demo and said, "Lag is not an issue [with AO]. We have designed the game with lag in mind." I find this statement suspect as I regularly see (when I can get on) pings in the 2500 - 10,000 (!!!) range on my cable modem. The lag is awful!!
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8. Re: Play Problems? Jul 1, 2001, 14:04 anon@207.67
Well here's the latest update on AO.

Now the survers are running great! They have been up all day. Of course when you log on you will be treated to a client side treat! It's as though you aren't even connected!

Be amazed as everyone else stands imobile and you are unable to do anything but run around!

Then just to add insult to injury you will be unable to Quit because you can't sit down because the server isn't really communicating with your client. CTRL-ALT-DEL time!


Note to all MMORPG publishers: (and I do blame the publishers for this mess)

Don't release the game till it's rock solid. Prepare to lose a lot of money when you release a beta as a retail product. Someone needs to start up a mass-return your game website... hmmm...

I would bet money that if they don't fix these problems inside of a month they will lose all but the most die hard of fans.


- Pissed off AO "player" #2982761
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7. Play Problems? Jul 1, 2001, 13:45 anon@162.39
Wait, you guys get to play? All I got was a Fuggin email without a password and no response from these sons of B's to their Effing email support. Oh boy, invalid name/password wow this game ISS fun! I'll get to break their secret code someday!

They're lucky they don't live on the same land mass or they'd be prime candidates for the baseball bat beating. I'd love to cripple these fuX for the rest of their lives.
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6. Re: I'm an MMORPG Fan, but.... Jul 1, 2001, 13:18 anon@209.247
Yeah, I really WANT to like this game, but so far its just total frustration. If you set aside a couple hours to play, about 15 minutes of that will be actual playing and the rest will be either

a) trying to login
b) stuck inside a store "zone" and unable to get out

When it works, its fun. If they magically fixed all the networking bugs today it would kick EQs ass (its the same but better, what more do you want?). But if these problems linger long enough that the early adopters give up hope and return it, I'm not sure it would survive that.
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5. Re: I'm an MMORPG Fan, but.... Jul 1, 2001, 13:13 anon@216.254
Most people I've talked to and including myself cannot play this game for more that 20 mins at a time before it disconnects or zones don't work so you get stuck in areas and can't leave and numerous other bugs... I have a 1.5Mbit dsl connection and a fast pentium III w/ gforce 3. I have no trouble with my connection in other games. I regularly play EQ and AC and other online games and never get disconnected. AO looks like it could be cool but I am not going to pay to play a beta product. I would have signed up for the beta if I wanted that. If it's not fixed soon I am going to cancel my account. I know it isn't the developer's fault, but more likely the publisher pushed out a product that wasn't ready hoping to patch it up with updates. I really wish there were certain quality standards games like this would have to meet before they could released. Not just the, "it runs without crashing for 5 mins" standard.  
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4. Re: I'm an MMORPG Fan, but.... Jul 1, 2001, 12:57 anon@207.67
I have been there for the launch of EQ and for UO and neither game was even remotely as buggy as AO. AO is simply broken.

Half the time you can't log in at all because the server is down.

Of that remaining time you will be randomly logged off every 10-20 mins or so.

In those remaining 10-20 min chunks of play you will crash due to directX vertex buffer errors and trying to write to address 000000 bugs.

Just read through any AO forum and you'll see that these problems are very common.

AO is still in Beta if you ask me. But don't worry, their registration and payment system works great so they can still take your money. You just won't get to play.

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3. Re: I'm an MMORPG Fan, but.... Jul 1, 2001, 11:28 Raven
Are you playing the same game I'm playing? I haven't had any problems, and it seems to be quite a bit different than Everquest.

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2. Re: I'm an MMORPG Fan, but.... Jul 1, 2001, 09:53 Vincent Murphy

Even when I'm able to get online, this game just seems to be a complete Everquest clone in terms of character types, skills, spells. They really needed to make it more distinct and much less derivative.

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1. I'm an MMORPG Fan, but.... Jul 1, 2001, 09:34 anon@64.205
...they oughtta be calling this Anarchy OFFline for now. I can't even log in to the thing much less play for a while.

I can see game balance issues not being perfect at this early stage in the game, even a certain amount of exploits being available that the developers didn't think of while coding the system, but the complete inability for most folks to log on and stay on?

That's what the betas were for! Didn't they do or learn anything during the beta? C'mon FunCom. Let's make ANARCHY OFFLINE Anarchy Online.
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15 Replies. 1 pages. Viewing page 1.
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