Starfield Bethesda's Biggest Ever Launch

Bethesda Xs a thank you to the 10 million players who've played Starfield since its launch. Bethesda says this makes the sci-fi RPG its biggest launch in its history:
Thank you to more than 10 million #Starfield explorers for creating the biggest launch in Bethesda history.
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Re: Starfield Bethesda's Biggest Ever Launch
Sep 21, 2023, 11:36
Re: Starfield Bethesda's Biggest Ever Launch Sep 21, 2023, 11:36
Sep 21, 2023, 11:36
Whoops, should have posted in this thread.

I am at around 100 hours, I've experienced very few bugs, nothing major. One bug I have encountered though, with currently no resolution, is the "asteroid fragments follow you" bug.

Whenever you blow up asteroids for mining or in combat by accident, they spawn small asteroid fragments that usually despawn after 30 seconds or so, maybe even faster. However if you are in combat, boosting, blow up some asteroids and maybe Grav Jump, they will start following you in formation and never expire. I'm not sure of the exact sequence to make it happen, but it's something close to that. I have close to a dozen following me now, regardless if I change ships or not.

It's a pretty fun game, but obviously the writing is weaker than BG3 for example, but I'll continue to play and amass starships and turn them into heavily armed cargo haulers, and do the quests, and acquire space magic powers, etc. etc. Definitely money well spent for me, for the regular version.

My build has evolved from my planned stealth/FPS combat build, into almost an engineering build. Most of my skill points are in Tech and Engineering, or whatever the weapon/suit/scanning tree is. I cannot recommend getting max piloting and 3+ shields enough, and if you do that, might as well get some points in Particle Beams, which are hands down the best thing in the game. There's a huge increase in damage and flexibility with weapon and suit upgrades, so I did those too. Unfortunately that means the rest of the skill trees are largely untouched for me so far, at level 35-36.. a smattering of weapon skills, some social buffs, a bit of stealth. Every skill seems to be at least somewhat useful, but I consider my points in pickpocketing to be largely wasted at this point. The game quickly scales way away from having the money/items you can pick pocket be worth the time to steal.

I'd love to see somebody who maxed out Gastronomy and Geology playing this game, lol. I have a point in Geology, when I thought I was going to be building a ton of outposts and doing a lot of mining, and surprisingly it gives me some dialogue options sometimes.

Also, Wanted is one of the best Traits, for adding more combat on foot and in space, and giving you more loot after you slaughter the bounty hunters. It also seems to have a ton of dialogue options.

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