Starfield Bethesda's Biggest Ever Launch

Bethesda Xs a thank you to the 10 million players who've played Starfield since its launch. Bethesda says this makes the sci-fi RPG its biggest launch in its history:
Thank you to more than 10 million #Starfield explorers for creating the biggest launch in Bethesda history.
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Re: Starfield Bethesda's Biggest Ever Launch
Sep 21, 2023, 01:19
Re: Starfield Bethesda's Biggest Ever Launch Sep 21, 2023, 01:19
Sep 21, 2023, 01:19
The game has so many issues, but I'm just going to address one here: the space part. For a game that's marketed as on where you explore space, there's basically zero exploration Every location is just a small predetermined box, where 99% of the action is either predetermined or RNG as soon as you jump in.

They really missed the chance to capitalize on the space element. Your ship itself should be your home base, with you actually flying around systems and discovering things. There should be reasons to go to a location in space, get out of your pilot seat and do something, like go on a EVA to fix a satelite (not just pressing a frakking button), explore a derelict hulk, or even just parking your ship in an asteroid to wait out an intense solar flare storm. Fuel should mean something and have atual game mechanics around it, and not just a checklist that needs to be filled out during ship building and then forgotten afterwards.

And then there's the space combat, which, IMHO, is just terrible. It wants to be a space dogfighter, but with ships the size of frigates or bigger. It just doesn't work, and instead of elaborate dogfights, the only way to win harder fights is to simple have a ship that can delete the enemies quicker than their perfect aim whittles down your shields.

The game should be Firefly meets Bethesda, but instead we got Skyrim with vaguely space-themed fast travel..

As it stands, they have a this really cool ship builder, but most of the parts serve no real purpose, because there IS no purpose to spending time on your ship, or even spending time in the so called "Starfield"
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