Starfield Bethesda's Biggest Ever Launch

Bethesda Xs a thank you to the 10 million players who've played Starfield since its launch. Bethesda says this makes the sci-fi RPG its biggest launch in its history:
Thank you to more than 10 million #Starfield explorers for creating the biggest launch in Bethesda history.
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Re: Starfield Bethesda's Biggest Ever Launch
Sep 20, 2023, 20:47
Re: Starfield Bethesda's Biggest Ever Launch Sep 20, 2023, 20:47
Sep 20, 2023, 20:47
I'm 80 hours in, probably only 1/3 of the way through the faction quests and haven't touched the main quests after unlocking the dragon shouts. If you think there isn't a substantial amount of content, you aren't looking. Was hoping for more NMS style game play, but Starfield has become my favorite Fallout game. Haven't experienced many bugs(4 in 80h), and all but one were fixed by exiting/re-entering the area. The other bug was a quest completing too early. My tour of Constellation was just talking to one person then nothing. Loaded a quicksave and it worked the second time. Glad they took an extra year to polish the game, but how does anyone release a game without FOV sliders. Did they omit it so they would have something to add in an early patch to silence upset players? It's the same game engine they've used since Morrowind, you'd think they would have found time to add a FOV slider sometime during the last two decades. Tod insists on reusing the same old game engine, and the game engine still sucks. This time I get Cyberpunk levels of performance with slightly better than Fallout 4 graphics. Same horrible character animation since Morrowind and other oddities. It was time to ditch the engine long ago. zero-g combat was fun at first, then I found you can't look 100% down, and shooting people below you in an elevator shaft is impossible.
Overall I'm enjoying the game more than I thought I would. Did find secret locations from reading random books sitting on peoples shelves like I was hoping the game would have, but otherwise haven't bothered exploring much. Will have to play the latest NMS update after finishing Starfield. I appreciate the typical Bethesda quests, and the laid back atmosphere in the game. It's what I'm in the mood for right now.

Still trying to wrap my head around not being able to invite my parents to my wedding...
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