Starfield Bethesda's Biggest Ever Launch

Bethesda Xs a thank you to the 10 million players who've played Starfield since its launch. Bethesda says this makes the sci-fi RPG its biggest launch in its history:
Thank you to more than 10 million #Starfield explorers for creating the biggest launch in Bethesda history.
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Re: Starfield Bethesda's Biggest Ever Launch
Sep 20, 2023, 18:30
Re: Starfield Bethesda's Biggest Ever Launch Sep 20, 2023, 18:30
Sep 20, 2023, 18:30
jacobvandy wrote on Sep 20, 2023, 17:38:
Hardline Mike wrote on Sep 20, 2023, 17:16:
It honestly feels like the shell of a game. I'm sure modders will liven it up eventually but I think this is the weakest Bethesda title ever in terms of an unmodded experience. What little hand-crafted content there is, is spread way too thin. The main story is a predictable bore. The "feel" of exploration is ruined by so much fast traveling and when you aren't fast traveling, its mostly just empty procedurally generated landscape.

All these years and people still expect a good main story from a Bethesda game? I'm just glad we finally got NG+ and that there's an integrated option to skip the main quest (or even companion storylines) on subsequent playthroughs. There's a decent amount of easter-egg-like post-game modification throughout, as well.

As for the amount of content, yes it's spread thin across 1000 fucking planets, but you cannot honestly say there's little of it... That's just factually incorrect, especially in comparison to their past games. Each faction quest line is practically another main quest in itself (with some branching choices that leave lasting impressions on the rest of the game), then you have several meaty side quest lines, dozens of one-off side quests, and a ridiculous variety of endlessly repeatable tasks. Nevermind all the checklist-ticking surveying/exploration and creative outlets of modular ship-building and outpost management... Most people will easily spend 100 hours in the game and still not have done everything. Since when is that not enough?

I do look forward to seeing more added to this galaxy, by Bethesda and modders alike -- but of all the complaints people have with the game, not finding enough to do has to be the most flimsy.

Dunno what to tell you bud, I got bored a lot faster than I did with Skyrim or FO4. Just sharing my experience.
Do you have a single fact to back that up?
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