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Saboth wrote on May 25, 2023, 17:16:
I feel like AI is like crypto. Everyone was hyping it up, "Oh Crypto is the new thing! Going to revolutionize everything!" I was stumped as to the purpose of it, why it had any value at all, and it all seemed like a pyramid scheme built on hopes and dreams and a steady supply of suckers funneling money into it.
Yeah, I mostly agree -- either there is something I am missing or it is just plain stupid. Was reading something the other day which basically said for XYZ corporation (don't remember who, but a major corporation everyone knows about and employs 10s of thousands of people) saying paraphrased, "...if you aren't using AI to help you with your job, you'll soon be looking for a new job." The basic premise being anyone using AI would be outperforming anyone who wasn't so significantly those not using it would soon be weeded out. Uh, yeah, sure...
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