Fortnite Joins Olympics Esports Week

The International Olympic Committee announces that Fortnite is going to be part of the inaugural Olympic Esports Week next month in Singapore (tickets are on sale now). Here's word on this Olympics-adjacent esports competition: "Olympic Esports Week marks another step in supporting the development of virtual sports within the Olympic Movement, as laid out in Olympic Agenda 2020+5, and continues the Movement’s collaboration with the gaming and esports communities to create new opportunities for players and fans alike." Fortnite's role will be as the proving ground for competitor's aim in a virtual sport shooting event:
The ISSF’s sport shooting island created in Fortnite has been added to the Olympic Esports Finals line-up. The event will see 12 players from the 2023 Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) invited to compete on the global stage. A specially designed Fortnite Creative Island, made to reflect sport shooting competition, will put the target-aiming accuracy of sharp shooters to the test and see them navigate the in-game environment as they compete to become an Olympic Esports Series winner. All the thrilling finals action will be streamed globally across and Olympic social channels.
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May 9, 2023, 15:01
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May 9, 2023, 15:01
Kxmode wrote on May 7, 2023, 16:03:
FrostyRei wrote on May 6, 2023, 05:27:
Kxmode wrote on May 6, 2023, 02:12:
Brilliance… Chess… You jest, right? It takes literally decades to achieve a high skill in chess, unless you’re a rare genius.
Esports and Chess are both mental sports, but I agree, Chess requires significantly more skill. I apologize if my comparison seemed like an apples-to-apples one.
I don't entirely agree they are equally mental sports. Most esports require world class reflexes and eye-hand coordination, neither of which is a thing in chess. Even RTS games, have it... the pros achieve APM rates the rest of us could only imagine. Chess can arguably be an esport too, and you can make the case that it's harder to become good at chess than video games. But most esports definitely require significantly physical skills.
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