Evil Dead: The Game Gets GotY Edition and Steam Release

Evil Dead: The Game is now available for the first time on Steam, offering a new outlet for the Windows edition of the multiplayer Evil Dead game. This follows a year as an Epic Games Store exclusive. This marks the launch of the promised Game of the Year edition, a common bit of gentle gaslighting. It turns out the GotY edition is a separate release, and it's being sold on the Epic Games Store and Steam (and consoles) as an upgrade. It's a $30 premium over the base game on Steam and a $40 premium over the base game from Epic. Many already own the original on Epic since it was a freebie at one point. If you are interested in the upgrade, be aware that it's actually cheaper to buy it outright from the Epic Games Store than to purchase the upgrade, since the full release has a launch discount. That's doesn't seem right, but that's how it is. The GotY edition bundles all the game's DLC, including a new Who's Your Daddy bundle that's also now available separately. For those content to stand pat, there's also a new free solo mission for all players: "Finally, today all Evil Dead: The Game players will receive a bonus new single-player mission. Play as Kelly to track and hunt down the demon Eligos in this winter wonderland-themed challenge to unlock her free 'Stay Frosty' outfit." Here's a refresher:
Inspired by the iconic horror, humor and action of the long-running Evil Dead franchise, Evil Dead: The Game brings the biggest names together in a pulse-pounding battle with the forces of darkness, brought to life with off-the-wall gore and visuals. Work as a team of four Survivors in co-op to kick Deadite butt and banish the vile Kandarian Demon – or become the Demon yourself, using its powers of possession to stop the good guys and swallow their souls!

Play as your favorite characters from every era in the franchise – with even more Survivors and Demons released after launch. Use your wits and a wide variety of weapons to survive the night in standard 4v1 multiplayer, single-player missions, and the new fast-paced Splatter Royale mode for up to 40 players, with full crossplay between consoles and PC.
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Re: Evil Dead: The Game Gets GotY Edition and Steam Release
Apr 26, 2023, 15:05
Re: Evil Dead: The Game Gets GotY Edition and Steam Release Apr 26, 2023, 15:05
Apr 26, 2023, 15:05
Riahderymnmaddog wrote on Apr 26, 2023, 14:59:
Acleacius wrote on Apr 26, 2023, 14:54:
It says Coop, but I'm extremely doubtful. So many developers lie and say team deathmatch is Coop. Middlefinger

It’s 4 vs 1.
Thanks, I'll save my money then.
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