Atari Acquires Stern IPs and Launches Investment Platform

Revived publisher Atari announces it is expanding its nostalgic reach with acquisition of a dozen classic arcade properties from Stern Electronics. These include titles already associated with the Atari brand from past licenses, such as Berserk and Frenzy. Okay, those two titles aren't random, they're actually the only ones specified in the announcement, so it seems safe to imagine the other 10 games are not quite as prominent. Word is: "Atari® — one of the world's most iconic consumer brands and interactive entertainment producers — announced today the acquisition of a dozen retro arcade games, including the '80s classics Berzerk and Frenzy. Atari will seek to expand digital and physical distribution of the classic titles, create new games based on the IPs, and explore brand and merchandising collaborations." There's no mention of this on the Atari Website, where the current news is the launch of Atari Game Pool, an Atari-specific crowdfunding platform launched in cooperation with Fig. This is looking to raise a million dollars to further exploit the Atari catalog for future game projects:
Fig is raising funds to deploy into prospective Atari games. Using the funds raised from this offering, as determined by the mutual agreement of Fig and Atari, Atari will partner with developers to create innovative new games based on Atari owned IP. The final size of the fund will determine the quantity and scope of games produced.

Upon the release of a game, Fig will collect a percentage of the gross receipts from game sales. From these collections, investors will be paid out dividends twice a year, if any dividends are distributable.
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