Destiny 2: Lightfall Released

Destiny 2: Lightfall is now available on all platforms, adding a new paid expansion for the free-to-play first-person shooter. The Windows edition can be found on the Epic Games Store and Steam, and there's also a Lightfall + Annual Pass bundle on the Epic Games Store and Steam. The announcement also reveals plans to launch a new raid called Root of Nightmates on March 10th. Here's the official Launch Trailer, and here is more on how this changes your destiny:
In Lightfall, Guardians will be tasked with preventing the apocalypse by stopping the Witness and its newest disciple, Calus. Along the way, Guardians will cross paths with the Shadow Legion, including the terrifying and formidable new Tormentors, who are bent on causing devastation in the high-tech capital of Neomuna.

Guardians will wield a new subclass power in Lightfall; Strand will give the ability to pluck the threads that bind the universe together, creating unprecedented combat and movement capabilities. Strand will grant powerful new attacks for each Guardian class to use in unique ways, in addition to a new grapple ability which will greatly increase their mobility and traversal options throughout the game.

Lightfall’s accompanying season, Season of Defiance, launches on the same day as the new expansion for Destiny 2 and will find Guardians called into action by Mara Sov and the Queensguard to investigate the Pyramid outputs appearing across the planet and stand in defiance of humanity’s greatest foes. Jump into Defiant Battlegrounds – a new three-person activity available in the Season – where Guardians will use their newly acquired Awoken powers to tear portals into the Ascendant Plane too challenge the Shadow Legion.

Shortly after the launch of Lightfall, Bungie will unlock its latest raid, Root of Nightmares. Destiny raids are pinnacle aspirational activities designed for six skilled Guardians who want to be challenged not just for their fighting skills, but their ability to work cooperatively, think on their feet, and solve seemingly impossible challenges.
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