Evil Dead: The Game Launches Splatter Royale

A new update is now live for Evil Dead: The Game, adding a new battle royale mode called Splatter Royale to the Evil Dead survival/horror game. This is available for Windows on Epic Games Store as well as for consoles. The PC release demonstrates one of the weaknesses of Epic's storefront after all these years, as there's no function to report on such news. Update: That was a reference to a lack of news updates in store listings, but it's been correctly pointed out there is a seldom-used news feed that did indeed cover this. There are details on the Evil Dead Website, along with a trailer showing off the new mode. The description is quite straightforward:
Evil Dead: The Game’s new battle royale-style game mode is now live, free for all players!

Choose a Deadite version of your favorite Survivor and Demon from the game. Use your wits and weapons to duke it out to the Last Deadite Standing in fast-paced, cutthroat action for up to 40 players.
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Re: Evil Dead: The Game Launches Splatter Royale
Feb 4, 2023, 18:24
Re: Evil Dead: The Game Launches Splatter Royale Feb 4, 2023, 18:24
Feb 4, 2023, 18:24
fakespyder wrote on Feb 4, 2023, 16:13:
Welcome Tim Epic_News
It looks like Derek Smart Derek Smart Derek Smart is working for Epic. sad
Or is Tim and the people he hires just as big a douche.

But then again it could have been some rando posting that.It almost sounded cutterish.
Surely a public relations nob would have phrased it better. Could have even emailed Blue behind the scenes to point out something no one has ever seen.
Hell, anything would have been better than whatever that drivel was.
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