PERISH Released

PERISH is now available for Windows on the Epic Games Store,,* and Steam, offering a throwback first-person shooter with single-player and co-op support. Console gamers worried they won't get this should perish the thought, as it's coming to PlayStation and Xbox by the end of this year. The Release Trailer is here with a look at some fast-paced gameplay. Word is this may not be FPS heaven, but at least it's purgatory:
​Set forth as Amyetri, a corporeal spirit condemned to live a shadow life in the halfway realm of Purgatory. Armed with nothing but a broken sword, Amyetri must escape a dark eternity.

Slaughter cultic spirits and bestial creatures to the riffs of a heavy-metal soundtrack. Press onward throughout the holy domain of Elysium, traversing daunting paths littered with lifeless bodies and undying enemies ready to return Amyetri to the darkness.

Abolish hordes of undead and rare colossal deities in epic boss battles. Raid corpses to gather gold danake. Meet with the high priestess to exchange danake for more than 10 handcrafted and ornate weapon types including javelins, swords, bows, and guns, each with its own unique and upgradeable offensive capabilities. Deposit the blood-soaked currency into the Pantheon or risk losing it all upon death. Reap the spoils of combat and carry on through collapsing cliffs, decaying labyrinths, and fiery pits.
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Feb 2, 2023Feb 2 2023
Feb 2, 2023Feb 2 2023