Finnish Army Simulator Early Access

Developer/publisher Please Be Patient offers Early Access to Finnish Army Simulator on Steam, offering an unusual military action/adventure for Windows. Finnish military aggression is not a thing, but as the only non-NATO EU nation on the Russian border, the country must maintain its defenses. Therefore, Finland has mandatory conscription, and this game focuses more on the day-to-day life of conscripts, rather than combat. You can see the game in action(?) in this latest trailer. If you're interested, this comes with a 10% launch discount. Here's more:
Finnish Army Simulator is a first-person simulation game. However, it is not your typical war game, it focuses on life in the army during conscription service and doesn't emphasize on battles. The game offers players the opportunity to experience various aspects of army life, providing a fresh perspective on the emotions and experiences brought on by army service. The game provides a realistic and deep experience with relatable characters and story, and it's suitable for both players that have served in the army and those who are interested in it.
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