Diablo III Season 27 Next Week

A post on Xbox Wire by Blizzard Entertainment Senior Community Manager Adam Fletcher announces August 26th as the start date for Season 27 of Diablo III. This includes the challenges and rewards familiar from prior seasons. Here's a bit on what's different in the new one, which is titled The Light's Calling:
In Season 27, Light’s Calling, valiant Nephalem can recover Angelic Crucibles, a new season-exclusive consumable item, that can be used to Sanctify equippable Legendary items.

By Sanctifying an item, players infuse it with one of three new, random class-specific powers, such as the Wizard’s spellbinding Magic Missiles shown above. Angelic Crucibles will allow you to lean into the strengths of each class and highlight what makes each of them shine. A full list of potentially receivable class powers can be seen in our blog. Which power will your Sanctified items bring you?
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