Activision Asks Shareholders to Vote to Stay in the Dark

Axios reports that Activision Blizzard is advising shareholders to vote against a proposal by New York State that Activision Blizzard issue an annual report on workplace abuse, harassment, and discrimination. The company has faced multiple lawsuits over such issues, and clearly would prefer to move on. In another effort to avoid increased accountability, Activision is also urging a no-vote on a proposal to allow employees to add a member of the AFL-CIO to its board of directors. Here's the outline of New York's proposal:
Why it matters: The proposal, first made in February, is a push for transparency about the wrongs at a scandal-racked company.

  • Such proposals often fail, but last year Microsoft shareholders voted for such a report over the objections of that company’s board.

New York's proposed report would include:

  • The “total number of pending sexual abuse, harassment or discrimination complaints the company is seeking to resolve.”
  • The amount of money Activision spent settling misconduct claims in the past three years.
  • The number of pending misconduct complaints facing the company.

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