Sea of Craft Early Access

Sea of Craft is now available in Early Access on Steam, presenting a Windows sandbox building game set on the ocean (so maybe kiddy pool is a better toy analogy). This allows you to explore for materials, build your personal ship, and adventure the seas using realistic physics. The Early Access Release Date Announcement Trailer takes a look at gameplay. Here are details on the Early Access release which include a little outlook on the eventual full launch:
The Early Access version includes single-player levels, open-world exploration, 8-player multiplayer PvP, and a freewheeling no-limits creative mode. The full crafting system and workshop sharing features are available from the get-go, complete with all 180 shipbuilding parts. There are no microtransactions on the horizon either, with all game content (including parts and sprays) included in the premium price.

PvE gameplay combines open-world exploration with challenging PvE battles and challenges, rewarding players with parts, perks, and talent upgrades for their ships. Players have free rein in the shipyard where they can kit out a vessel for exploration or challenges, or just build something fun to share with other players. Multiplayer, in particular, is being lined up for expansion, with player capacity for each stage doubling from 8 players to 16 players for full release.
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