Raven QA Forms Union

A series of tweets from the Game Workers Alliance announces the, well, Game Workers Alliance. This is a union of Raven support staff, who have been on strike since last month, seeking permanent positions and other forms of job security. According to Jason Schreier this is the "first-ever union in the big-budget video game industry *in North America*." The eight tweets outline operating principles and ask that Raven parent Activision and Raven voluntarily recognize the union. Here is the content of the eight tweets freed from the tyranny of Twitter:
Our Principles:

  • Solidarity: The voices of workers should be heard by leadership. By uniting in solidarity, we can ensure our message is further reaching, and more effective.
  • Sustainability: Shortened development timelines sacrifice project quality and damage the mental and physical health of our team. “Crunch” is not healthy for any product, worker, or company.
    Realistic timelines and development plans are essential to achieving sustainability in the games industry.
  • Transparency: Leadership must communicate openly and frequently about any decisions that will affect the working life of their employees.
    Work and quality of life suffer when changes are unpredictable and explanations are withheld.
  • Equity: Quality Assurance Testers deserve respect, appropriate compensation, and career development opportunities.
    Quality Assurance is currently an undervalued discipline in the games and software industries. We strive to foster work environments where Quality Assurance Testers are respected and compensated for our essential role in the development process.
  • Diversity: All voices deserve to be heard. Empowering underrepresented voices is key to fostering a truly creative and successful work environment.

We ask that Raven Software and Activision leadership voluntarily recognize our union and respect our right to organize without retaliation or interference.

We aim to work together with leadership to create a healthy and prosperous work environment for all people, to develop successful and sustainable products, and to support the enjoyment of our players.

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Re: Raven QA Forms Union Jan 22, 2022, 01:54
Jan 22, 2022, 01:54
RedEye9 wrote on Jan 21, 2022, 23:39:
Greentiger wrote on Jan 21, 2022, 23:31:
Cyberpunk 2077 is a great example of a rushed game with no QA. Everyone bitches that QA folks don't do their job or aren't worth paying a living wage but then they shove out big titles that are full of bugs and lament why didn't they QA this? Either you pay for good QA or the customers end up being the beta testers.
How do you know that cyberpunk wasn't QA'ed properly.
Just because a game is released in a buggy state doesn't mean it didn't have enough QA.

If a thousand bugs are documented during QA but the programmers/devs don't have enough time or resources to fix them, the finished product will still have a thousand bugs.

Word to that, unless a super polished game, documenting bugs is a lot easier than fixing bugs. Either way, all of these big companies have enough money to hire more people and seem to choose not to.
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