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Game Pass was supposed to be a try-before-you-buy service, where you could try the game and if you like it, you could buy it from the same place. Problem is, the game you get with the pass is festooned with added-on copy protection to the degree that you can't mod the game at all, or even apply mods someone else has created for the game. It was so bad, when I tried it briefly, that saved games from one installation would not function with another installation--in case you wanted to reinstall the game for some reason but continue with your older saves! But all of that is tolerable for a try-before-you-buy system, imo. Problem is that if you then choose to buy the game from Microsoft, what you get is exactly what you got with the Pass--including the added-on, Fort Knox-level defensive copy protection! That is completely unacceptable for me. Sorry Microsoft. All the copy protection of the kind Microsoft uses for Game Pass should be stripped out when I buy my copy!

All of this sort of thing happened to gaming when game devs, who spend millions of dollars creating games and sometimes more promoting them, became too lazy to do game demos. Ideally, games should be developed with the goal of issuing a playable demo as a primary development goal. And of course, a 2d video clip trailer demonstrating how the game might look if you could play it is nowhere near enough, imo.

Some developers used to say that game demos often turned off customers who might otherwise have bought their games, but that is a red herring because all the major game sellers (Steam/Gog, etc.) offer a complete refund (within a certain time period) if you decide the game isn't for you. Steam gives you a little two-hour window, Gog gives you a 30-day window--last I checked.

Main thing for developers is that a good, playable demo will sell a lot of games and possibly eliminate refunds. I'd like to see them return to the normal habit of releasing a free but good playable demo of their games.
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