Dead Cells: The Queen and the Sea Released

The Queen and the Sea is now available for Dead Cells, adding new content to this roguelike action/platformer. The Windows, macOS, and Linux edition is available on and Steam, and the base game is required. This carries a launch discount and the game and its other DLC are on sale too. This Animated Trailer offers a stylized look at the DLC, but no gameplay. Here's word on how this caps off the story from the two previous DLC releases:
The Queen and the Sea DLC finishes the path that started with The Bad Seed and Fatal Falls, in which after dying all over again trying to save the island from the Malaise, the Beheaded is now seeking for a way out of the island - a way out which he seems to have found in the last DLC, but it's heavily guarded. The Queen & The Sea DLC takes players through two brand new Biomes: The Infested Shipwreck and The Lighthouse.

The run is parallel to the High Peak Castle and Throne Room levels, introducing players to a variety of new challenges. The first Biome, The Infested Shipwreck, winds you through a rotten shipwreck where you will be hunted by unforgiving eldritch horrors lurking (like they do) in the spooky and haunted old vessel. The second Biome, The Lighthouse, showcases a brand new challenge of vertical exploration not yet seen in Dead Cells. Players will find themselves in a soaring tower in which players will scramble upward as fast as they can to outrun rising flames while simultaneously fending off highly skilled warriors who want nothing more than to end your run.
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