Electrician Simulator - First Shock Released

Electrician Simulator - First Shock is now available for Windows on Steam, offering a free prologue for Electrician Simulator, an upcoming full game. As the name states, the premise of the prologue and the game is to test your skills at electrical repairs, without the risk of electrocutions or house fires. Wire you just sitting there? Here's an Official Trailer with a look, and here's more:
In Electrician Simulator - First Shock, learn the ropes from your Dad to become an electrician. Repair and assemble sockets, panels, strips, plugs, chandeliers and even change light bulbs and try to avoid getting electrocuted.

For passionate and aspiring electricians, the world of Electrician Simulator - First Shock allows you to test your skills or learn new ones from scratch. Train yourself in the prologue and start a professional career in the full game.
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